Best Times to Visit Niagara Falls

Best season to travel to Niagara Falls

Actually, any time of the year is perfect to do a Niagara Falls day trip from New York since each weather season provides a unique magic to the immense source of water and the park that surrounds it. However it is necessary to know the difference between each season, so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

You can take a trip to Niagara Falls from NYC whenever you want, they never close and admission is free.

First of all, you may know that the temperature and the amount of clouds vary according to the month of the year, and also, this climatic activity can affect the main tourist attractions. For example, during winter most of the tours that take place in the water and some of the parks are closed, while during the summer prices increase significantly, but regardless of the weather you can make a day trip to Niagara Falls without any problem.

On the other hand, your interests, budget and taste are what define the best date to visit this wonder, so here we will tell you everything about what you will find according to each season:


SUMMER – June to August

Summer season is the most acclaimed by tourists, the climate is hot – from 68 to 86 ° F – with little humidity. It is a holiday season that fits perfectly for those who travel as a family. In addition, most of the attractions, if not all, remain open as well as the tours, so those looking for a great experience can approach the viewpoint and get wet without any regrets.

Although vacationing during the summer may sound great, it has its disadvantages, since the prices of restaurants, hotels and transportation rise, so it is essential that you make reservations with plenty of time to find good prices. On the other hand, the number of people traveling at the same time as you is innumerable and the lines are excessively long at each of the attractions, especially at the water ones such as the Maid of the Mist, the Journey Behind the Falls or the Cave of the Wind.

So, if you want to enjoy any of these plans, it is better to do it early in the morning, especially if you go with children. There are not so many people and, in addition to the fact that you can “easily” enter the attractions, there is less risk of losing one of your children in the crowd.

If you are passionate about photography and sunset, waiting for sunset will be fantastic, but remember that you won’t be the only one waiting for it, so don’t complain about crowds or not being able to capture perfect photos.

Although the prices of the Niagara Falls day trip from NYC are maintained throughout the year, it is important that you reserve your place so as not to be left out, since the volume of tourists is such that it is difficult to find a trip overnight.

And, if you are looking for other plans in the area, in June you can enjoy a wine festival ( Niagara’s New Vintage Festival ) and in August you can enjoy Niagara on the Lake .


AUTUMN – September to November

It is believed that this season is the most romantic of the year, the temperature drops a little – between 32 and 68 ° F -, the number of tourists decreases and, along with them, the rates of hotels and restaurants. However, a short volume of visitors remains, who still seek to enjoy their vacations with greater tranquility since the bustle has gone with the summer.

The weather is still comfortable so the attractions remain open, although sometimes there are sudden variations that can cause changes in plans, for the safety of tourists.

It is said that autumn is romantic thanks to the copper tone that takes over the landscapes, nature begins to dress in red, orange and gold, it is like an eternal sunset. In addition, in the vineyards there are new harvests, good wines and farmers markets begin to proliferate, if you want you can visit the wineries, pick fruits or take oenological routes.

If you like festivals, you can attend Oktoberfest (the famous beer festival), but you can also have a more cultural moment at the Shaw Festival dedicated to theater or the Annual Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival held in Jordan.


WINTER – from December to February

Winter in the northern countries of the American continent is really cold, the temperature can be between 26 ° F and 41 ° F, it has even been established that the coldest day is January 29 with a temperature that reaches up to 17 ° F and does not exceed 30 ° F, so if you plan to travel in winter it is mandatory that you wear special clothing for sub-zero climates.

From December to February it is considered low season in Niagara Falls and therefore prices are favorable for all budgets, except in December when, despite maintaining low prices, rates go up for Christmas celebrations. According to the US News, the best dates to travel cheap are January and February.

About 1 million people visit the falls during the winter to appreciate a unique spectacle. Giant pieces of ice fall into the bottom of the cold waters, producing a huge roar and a visual spectacle. On rare occasions the environment temperature has dropped so much that the falls seem to be completely frozen, which has been quite a show for tourists and locals. In addition, the mist takes over the viewpoints and covers, with a white layer, everything that surrounds the falls creating attractive scenes.

Given the low flow of visitors and low temperatures, the main attractions are closed in their entirety until the beginning of March, but, in order to attract and distract the visitors who have chosen the winter season, the local authorities organize an admirable Lights Festival ( Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland ), which runs from November to January and provides a Christmas atmosphere to the tourist districts that surround the park.


SPRING – March to May

It is possible that on this date, on the Canadian side, the occasional snowfall will continue, so it is important that you check the weather forecast when you make your day trip from New York or Ontario. The temperature at the beginning of March can continue around 32 ° F but at the end of May it can reach 68 ° F, so you should wear comfortable clothes but do not forget to carry a coat, gloves, a hat and good shoes, just in case.

At the end of March the main attractions restart their activities, but sometimes they begin in mid-April. Anyway you can enjoy the outdoors and the flowers that take over the forests, excursions are popular again, but also are the bike rides, food festivals and cruises.

As for prices, it is possible that they will start to rise, anyway it is mid season and at the end of May it becomes high season, so at the beginning of spring you will surely find good rates but at the end of the month they will intensify welcoming the summer. After all, during the spring the volume of visitors is still low but they are preparing for the high bustle of the summer.

During this season the festivities increase and some fireworks shows are presented. You can also visit the Butterfly Conservatory and the Journey Behind the Falls is really attractive, because throughout the area the greenish tones intensify and nature takes over again.



Remember to always book in advance, do not trust or wait until the last minute to reserve your places, both in hotels and excursions. We want you to travel around the world and to have the opportunity to appreciate everything that nature has to show you. Choose the date that you like the most and take an NYC to Niagara Falls tour, you will love it.



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