Travelling as a group to Niagara Falls – Is It Worth it? Pros and Cons

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Niagara Falls are an attraction that you will remember for your entire life. People might say that it just another waterfall but it isn’t just another waterfall it is the gateway to realizing what heaven looks like, it is the perfect idea of things falling into place with a sound of amazingness and it is the places that will make you feel as if being alive is worth it with such views. It is more than 6 million cubic ft. of stunning falls that gives you literal chills all over. Visiting the Niagara Falls is a dream for a million people; however, what the question lies here is that whether it is better to visit with a group or individually? Well, it could be dependent solely on your choices and desires. Some people might want it with someone they love or even with some friends and not with some crowded groups while others might like it with a group of some amazing travelers that they barely know. The choice is yours but here we are making it a bit easier for you with getting your choices to be made in the right direction with getting you to the pros and cons of travelling with a group.



First things first, perfectly crafted tours are the base to a great time on any tours, and this is what a group travelling planner can do it for you. When you get to a tour operator or someone who organizes a tour, they can do it easily as they carry expertise in the same. This is one of the things that can increase your experience of your tour. It can provide you the convenience of just enjoying your tour and not worrying about arranging anything including departure, tickets or anything else. A tour that is worryless and is just focused on enjoying your destination.


It is usually observed that when you get to tour on your own, it costs much as you have to bear many costs on your however when you are visiting Niagara Falls for a day with a group it will surely cut your costs down much. It could be shared in a number of domains which makes the tour to be cheaper and affordable.

Access to Unusual or Overcrowded Destinations

Well, your access to unusual places or other restricted areas of the Niagara is quite difficult and it could be stated that this makes travelling with a group to be a better choice here. You can get to anywhere or everywhere that is accessible with tours like Inter Travel NYC due to their professional attributes in this domain.

Tour Guides

Well, there are a few things in Niagara that only people who visit it regularly know about. If you visit it for the first time and on your own you might miss it. But when you are visiting the Niagara Falls with a tour it will give you a chance of getting those unexplored things. Moreover, getting the tour guides will make your tour to Niagara Falls detailed and oriented on increase the experience that you are getting it just a way to make the time in Niagara worth it.


Pre-Planned Itineraries

Ahh! Here comes the first con of travelling with group to Niagara Falls and probably the one that hurts the most to some people. Travelling with a group comes with a plan which is the best and the worst part of travelling with the group at the same time. You have to follow the planned itineraries and be limited to the same in order to complete the tour on time. This is the part that might hurt you of not having your free time that you might need in the tour of Niagara Falls.

Accommodation and Dining Options

Then again here is another point that will make you think about if you should be visiting with a group or not. The accommodation and dining options are usually limited when you visit with a group. You might have to share a room with someone you don’t even know or maybe eat something that you don’t like much.


Tour groups don’t blend in. If that “touristy feeling” will ruin your trip, avoid large tour groups. You might be able to find a tour operator that specializes in small group tours, but, in some cases, you might feel more comfortable traveling independently.

Personality Conflicts

There’s one on every bus,” experienced tour group travelers say. If you are part of a tour group, you will probably have to sit next to the guy who snaps his chewing gum or the lady who has taken a dislike to the place you are touring at least once during your trip. If diplomacy is not your strong suit, a tour group might not be your best option.

These are a few pros and cons that you will have when it comes to travelling with a group. Each of these have their specifications but the most important thing that lets you decide if you should visit with a tour or alone is one how you like it. So what are thinking? Want to go on a tour with a group? Well, Inter Travel NYC can help you in getting a worth your time tour however if you plan to go on your read our guides to get a better idea of what you should do and how you can make the tour much more amazing.

Top 10 Things to Explore the Amish Village near Philadelphia

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Amish originally from German attire at the group of traditional Christian church fellowships. They were originally from the region of Germany about their significant population currently is in Ohio and Pennsylvania, United States of America. And not to forget they have an entire village in the United States of America that is with Amish people. This Amish Village near Philadelphia is a major attraction for many tourists from inside and outside the country and to make this attraction more interesting we have come out with a list of 10 things that you should explore in the Amish Village near Philadelphia.

  1. Sight and Sound Theatre

This sight and sound theatre is 0.7 miles away from the Amish Village and could be once in a lifetime experience for many people. This theatre hosts some amazing plays and skits for viewers and one of the major experience could be witnessing an amazing play here with the best sound and sight experience that is due to the structure of the theatre.

  1. Strasburg Scooters

Strasburg Scooter is a major attraction for the tourists that are coming here to the Amish Village. These Strasburg scooters can be an interesting and fun-filled activity that could be done on a single or couple basis. You ride the scooters are made different in terms of style and can enjoy the ride to its core. A childish feel will make it all worth it for you.

  1. Country Loft Antiques

Won’t you like to take some souvenirs of the place you visit with you? Well, if you are visiting Amish Village and want some souvenirs from this culture, you should get to the Country Loft Antiques near Amish Village. This will make you explore the historical and cultural souvenirs and items of the Amish. This is another must-visit place of the Amish Village that tourist should go and most of them have liked it for the things that it offers.

  1. Buggy Rides

Buggy rides have been one of the major attractions of many cultures, and Amish Village has got the same. Buggy rides are a major attraction of visiting Amish Village near Philadelphia. These buggy rides are as fun-filled as you like it and it will be an amazing experience for you to get a perfect ride.

  1. American Music Theater

This is another theatre that can experience near Amish Village. This is a music theatre that is named as American Music Theater. If you are a music lover, you can like this experience on the whole. Amazing sound, great artists and a soothing experience are what we have ever seen from the American Music Theater. It gives you a chance to relive the eras of Amish peak.

  1. Old Windmill Farm

Windmill Farms near Amish Village is another exotic experience that you can have on this trip. From horses to cows and other animals, you can witness it all there. The windmill farm will make you witness a life of villager and farm owners if you have never got the experience of it. Also, it will make you enriched with the knowledge of the farm and its other aspects alongside giving you a good time in the Amish Village.

  1. Rail Road Museum

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is home to a world-class collection of more than 100 historic locomotives and railroad cars, an immersive education centre, a vast library and archives and a working restoration shop. Special events, museum store, free on-site parking, free WiFi and other such facilities. The museum is knowledge expanding experience for most of the visitors.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Near Philadelphia

Hot air balloon is an amazing outdoor activity that people would love to go for, and if you are going near Philadelphia, you can have this activity for you. There is service near Philadelphia that makes you accessible to the Hot Air balloon. It can be a life-changing experience for you and could be the best memory of your tour. Exciting, yet peaceful, it’s perfect for groups, friends and family, or a romantic adventure. Choose a sunrise or sunset adventure as a private or group ride. You’ll enjoy a champagne toast with snacks after the flight. People love touring Lancaster, PA in the hot air balloons.

  1. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

This is yet another farm that is recommended to be visited if you are going near Amish Village. It is 3 miles away from the village. However, it is the perfect sight for visitors in the blossom season. The cherries make the sight to become amazing and it is an experience that gives visitors some soothing touch in their tour. It is highly recommended by many tour guides as the green lush and cherries add to the beauty of the views.

  1. Mennonite Information Center

A place to come to learn about the Mennonites and Amish of Lancaster County through literature, videos, guided tours, and conversation with a knowledgeable staff person. Also they have a full-scale model of the Biblical Tabernacle on our grounds. This information centre can make your knowledge to be increased about the community, religion and their culture. Exploring the culture and background of a place you visit is the most important thing you do on tour and this is the perfect place to explore the Amish.

These are the 10 things that make you Amish Village tour to be worthy and amazing. This guide is to help you in instances where you are visiting on your own. Moreover, if you need to be guided on Amish Village near Philadelphia tours we at Inter Travel NYC can organize the same for you with excitement and information.

10 Cheap Places for Fine-Dine in New York City

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The City of New York is often considered as the Foodie wonderland for people who love to eat different dishes. This city offers you food that will make the desires of your heart to be fulfilled as well as will make you explore numerous culture all at once.

If you are a visitor of this city you might have the wish to take your dining experiences to be amazing and versatile, but obviously, you also would be looking for cheap restaurants and thus we have brought you the 10 perfect and cheap places for bringing all your dining desires to an end in New York.

  1. Amy’s Bread – Hell’s Kitchen

Let’s start with making your day amazing with a great breakfast in New York City. Amy’s Bread is one of the top places to grab breakfast in this city. They have famous pastries and hand-made bread with some amazing egg recipes to make the start of the day worthy. Also, they have got the prices as low as $2.25 per person. But one thing that you need to keep in mind before heading here is that get there before noon or they might have sold everything out.

  • Address: 672 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036
  • Price: $2.25 – $7
  • com
  1. Russ & Daughters – Lower Eastside

Russ & Daughters is the premier places to have a classic lox bagel in New York City. Lox bagel is a classic board of lox, eggs and onions. The café is around 100 years old and thus we know that this café is in good hands to survive this long. They specialize in bagel work, and you can’t go wrong with “The Classic”.

  • Address: 127 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
  • Price: $3 – $12
  • com
  1. Oatmeals – Greenwich Village

Well, if you are an oatmeal lover and want to the try world’s best oatmeal bar head your way to Greenwich for the best breakfast dish. This dish is the perfect blend of grandma’s favourite breakfast and the modern twist and this is the reason that people who walked in there for the first time walked out with licking their fingers. Order the Matcha & Black Sesame Mochi Bowl for a healthy yet decadent start to the day.

  • Address: 120 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012
  • Price: $4.25 – $7
  • com
  1. Doughnut Plant — Long Island City

Heading to such a city and coming back without tasting the doughnuts would possibly be a bit unfair and thus we have got a cheap suggestion for you. The Doughnut Plant in long island city could be your best spot to have a doughnut without preservatives, no eggs and no artificial ingredients with the best taste. Start your day with a sweet experience here.

  • Address: Falchi Bldg., 31-00 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Price: $3 – $5
  • com
  1. Jack’s Wife Freda – Lower Manhattan

Well, when the breakfast time is over, it is time to get either a lunch or a brunch. Jack’s Wife Freda can be your perfect spot to grab an amazing Mediterranean brunch plate that is healthy and fresh as well as will satisfy the food cravings that you have. The best part is it is cheap and affordable. What to try: Green Shakshuka — two baked eggs in a green tomatillo shakshuka served with challah toast.

  • Address: 50 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014
  • Price: $10 – $16
  • com
  1. Bolivian Llama Party – Columbus Circle

Normally a lunch in New York City costs around $15 with a drink, and even if you cut it down without a drink, it will cost around $12 for you. But if you want it cheaper with some funky lunch Bolivian Llama Party could be a perfect place for you. They have different lunch offerings that can cost you around $7 with an amazing Bolivian taste for you. What to try: Salteñas Beni — Sliced organic beef, smokey panka chiles.

  • Address: 1000 S 8th Ave Suite 5.5, Underground @ the corner of 57th st and 8th ave.
  1. Wrapido – Hell’s Kitchen

If you want to grab a Falafel that is just amazing head your way towards Wrapdio. Their award-winning Falafel could be available at just $6 that includes a drink as well. This makes the perfect value for lunch in New York City. What to try: Falafel Pita — gluten-free pita, falafel and lots of greens.

  • Address: 673 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036
  1. Shake Shack – Theater District

Shake Shack is a famous spot for burgers, and their burgers are so amazing that you will become a fan once you get to those. They have multiple offers that give you a great burger is $8 and can be found all around NYC at different locations. Shake Shack is always a good idea! What to try: ‘Shroom Burger — crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted Muenster and cheddar cheeses, topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce.

  • Address: 691 8th Ave, New York, NY 10036
  1. SweetGreen – Greenwich Village and More

Worry not we have also got some options for the vegan in the list. With Sweetgreen your veggie eating could be made more interesting and forget the ordinary wraps and salads. They offer spicy Sabzi along with dried chillies, carrot chilli vinaigrette, raw beets, spicy quinoa and much more that will make them the best option for your veggie carvings.

  • Price: $7 – $11
  • Address: Various (Greenwich Village, Williamsburg & more)
  1. The Little Beet – MidTown

The little beet’s veg dishes are unique, tasty and perfect for your desires of vegies eating. They offer some amazing Shroom Roll and Tofu, happy slaw; nori wrapped brown rice and much more to make it amazing. Their chipotle aioli and ponzu sauce is highly recommendable.

  • Price: $6.50 – $13
  • Address: 135 W 50th St, New York, NY 10020

10 Cheap Hotels That Make Your Stay in New York in Budget

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Finding a budget-friendly lodging in New York City could be a daunting task because this city has got some expensive attractions, and the hotels and lodgings also have got the same trend. However, it is not impossible to find a place to stay that is affordable and cheap. There are a number of options available for that too. Here are 10 of the best cheap hotels in NYC.

  1. Pod Hotels

The brightly coloured, minimalist and functional hotel that you can find in NYC is the Pod Hotel. This hotel is focused on keeping its prices to be affordable and cheap for people who are travelling to New York City for different purposes. It is found on four locations of the city including locations near Rockefeller centre, Times Square and Grand Central Station. People who are on a very tight budget can get a mini-bunk at Pod 39 located at Murray Hill.

  1. The Jane Hotel

This hotel was initially built in 1908 but was restored in 2008. This is a hotel that has drawn the inspiration from the luxury ship and train cabins. The bunk bed, standard cabin and communal bathrooms are the main features of this hotel that gives you a feel of being in a sharing apartment. However, seasonal rooftop and cosy wood furnishing make it better for living. West Village location makes it easy to forget you’re staying in a budget-friendly hotel.

  1. The Row NYC

This hotel could be the best and convenient stay home for you while you visit the New York City, the best part is that this hotel is located near Times Square which is one of the main locations in the entire city. Moreover, alongside be fully furbished for living it is really close to multiple subway stops of the city.

  1. The Bowery House

This hotel is located at the historic stretch of Bowery. This was initially created to serve as temporary lodging for the soldiers in World War II however then was restored and was opened for public. The unique design of this hotel is its main attraction. The communal bathrooms provide guests with an unforgettable experience thanks to the heated floors, Italian marble sinks and showers, high-pressure rain showerheads and Red Flower bath products.

  1. YOTEL New York

Aesthetics and functionality were the basic ideas in mind were Yotel’s compact rooms were created. The cabin-like rooms in this hotel have a gel memory foam mattress for each bed to give the visitors a perfect and peaceful sleep. Moreover, to compensate with the smaller rooms, this hotel gives tenants the chances of visiting the largest outdoor hotel terraces in New York, which is an incredibly amazing experience.

  1. The Seton Hotel

This is a boutique hotel that is just budget-friendly for you. The hotel is two blocks away from Grand Central Station. The luxury furnishings and hand-selected antiques are the main features of every room in this hotel. An affordable boutique hotel, the Seton Hotel is just two blocks from Grand Central Station. Guests will love the residential feel of this hotel as well as its prime location.

  1. The Ridge Hotel

This hotel is nestled on the intersection of Bowery. Lower east side and east village meet where this hotel is located. It has sleekly designed rooms reflect on the unique location of the hotel. It has standard amenities like climate control, Wi-Fi and such other things to give the visitors a perfect meditation and sleep.

  1. The GEM Hotel

Located in the heart of Chelsea, this is another boutique hotel with 81-room capacity. Chelsea Market and the high line is adjacent to this hotel. The best part of this hotel is the rooftop that you can enjoy with a drink after a hectic day in this city. If you as a traveller want to explore the nightlife and art scene of this city, then this is the perfect location for you to get to.

  1. CitizenM

This is a Netherlands-based hotel chain in NYC with their hotel on two important locations of the city. One is near Times Square while the other is at Bowery. CitizenM’s room has an amazing outfit with king-size beds to give you an amazing sleep and high-pressure rain shower to make it good for you. The living-room-like lobby can be an addition to work or relax at any time of the day.

  1. St Marks Hotel

This hotel is located at the East Village near Cooper Triangle. It is a hotel that is known for its low-cost and cheap offerings and is home to many NYU students as it is in the walking distance of the University. The rooms are simply furnished and are not too much luxurious but are enough to give you a comfortable space to relax on amazing rates and the location is amazing on the other hand.

10 Tourist Attractions in Washington DC That Must Be Seen

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If you count the most important capital cities of the world, Washington, D.C could not be counted off the list. It is not it is as large as the other capital cities, but instead, it is because it is important the capital of one of the most powerful countries in the world as well as the city itself is an attraction for tourist due to is extended and versatile go-to places. If you are in this city, take a subway and get to the below-mentioned places to make your time worthwhile here.

  1. Washington National Cathedral

The church and state are usually separated by the U.S government and this the reason that a formal national cathedral in the state except for the one that is Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the City and Diocese of Washington. This is considered as the nation’s spiritual home. Also, most of the people know this as the Washington National Cathedral. This is the sixth-largest cathedral of the world and is based on Neo-Gothic structure. The Funerals of Presidents Reagan, Eisenhower and Ford, were held here. The cathedral’s worship services do not charge anything; however, there is an admission charge to visit the other parts and areas of Cathedral.

  1. Library of Congress

If you love going to libraries well you then should visit Washington DC’s Library of Congress. It is the biggest library in the world contemporarily. It was founded in 1800 and had some humble beginnings. In its starting year, it had the early documents for the United States and for nearly 100 years it was used as a reference library for Congress. However, in contemporary times it has around 158 million items, including 36 million books in 460 different languages. It also has got 69 million manuscripts. The books that are rare in the history of North America can be found here. It is open for the public and is considered to be a paradise for the book lovers and history lovers.

  1. Georgetown Neighborhood

This town is historical and was established even before the U.S government established Washington, D.C. It is one of the trendiest places to live in the United States of America. Old stone houses, the top university and the history of people like Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy and the famous writer Francis Scott Key make this place a must-go in the region of Washington D.C.

  1. National Air and Space Museum

You don’t have to be a kid to be amazed at this National Air and Space Museum. This museum has much to offer for people who are adults. From the 1903 Wright Flyer to Apollo 11 moon landing many of such exhibits can excite you in there. And amazingly the basic museum is free and only featured things are charged.

  1. Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson, who was the third US President, has got a lot of history in Washington, D.C and this makes Jefferson Memorial another important go-to place in Washington, D.C. This memorial could be one of the places that you can visit to get a bit of flavour of politics and history America. Also, if you visit on the right time, you can participate Washington’s annual cherry blossom festival which is hosted by this memorial.

  1. Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America who deserved great respect for all of his work and achievements, and thus his memorial is another great place to visit in Washington D.C. The memorial holds another important element that is the same place where Martin Luther King Jr. had his famous speech. This is thus a place most of the people would love to visit. The memorial is open 24 hours a day, with National Park rangers on hand from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

  1. Washington Monument

If I can name the best-known obelisks here on earth, the list couldn’t be completed without Washington Monument being listed in it. This is a monument to the military achievement of George Washington during the Revolutionary war. It can get you the stunning top view of the entire city, but that part of the monument is not accessible for 24 hours and is open only in the day time.

  1. United States Capitol

It is the places where Congress meets, and the sessions of the House of Representatives, as well as sessions of the senate, are held. Visitors might need passes to visit it although they are free but are required to be collected from Congressmen’s office. At the same time, they can also get passes to tour the Capitol building, as guided tours do not include visiting legislators in action. The Capitol was one of the first buildings constructed by the fledgeling U.S. government following the Revolutionary War.

  1. White House

Who in the world would be unaware of the White House? The home to President of US. It is considered to be the symbol of the United States of America to the entire world. This place holds a number of formal meetings of foreign leaders and other such important personalities of the world. However, the registration to visit this place should be done 6 months prior to your visit through Congressman’s office.

  1. National Mall

Visitors to Washington, D.C., won’t want to miss a stroll on the National Mall, a greenway that will take them past many of the capital’s important sites. Located downtown, the National Mall stretches on the west from the US Capitol building to the Potomac River and on the east from the Jefferson Memorial to Constitution Avenue. Across the streets from the mall, but still considered part of it, are a variety of Smithsonian museums and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. To the east, nearby attractions include memorials to Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and James Garfield and the Reflecting Pool. With about 24 million visitors a year, it is the top tourist attraction in Washington.

These are the important and attractive places that tourist from all around the world can visit while they are in Washington, D.C. These 10 places are the perfect blend of enjoying your time along with exploring the historical, cultural and political backgrounds of the United States of America.