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Best Times to Visit Niagara Falls

Best season to travel to Niagara Falls

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Actually, any time of the year is perfect to do a Niagara Falls day trip from New York since each weather season provides a unique magic to the immense source of water and the park that surrounds it. However it is necessary to know the difference between each season, so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

You can take a trip to Niagara Falls from NYC whenever you want, they never close and admission is free.

First of all, you may know that the temperature and the amount of clouds vary according to the month of the year, and also, this climatic activity can affect the main tourist attractions. For example, during winter most of the tours that take place in the water and some of the parks are closed, while during the summer prices increase significantly, but regardless of the weather you can make a day trip to Niagara Falls without any problem.

On the other hand, your interests, budget and taste are what define the best date to visit this wonder, so here we will tell you everything about what you will find according to each season:


SUMMER – June to August

Summer season is the most acclaimed by tourists, the climate is hot – from 68 to 86 ° F – with little humidity. It is a holiday season that fits perfectly for those who travel as a family. In addition, most of the attractions, if not all, remain open as well as the tours, so those looking for a great experience can approach the viewpoint and get wet without any regrets.

Best Time To Visit Niagara FallsAlthough vacationing during the summer may sound great, it has its disadvantages, since the prices of restaurants, hotels and transportation rise, so it is essential that you make reservations with plenty of time to find good prices. On the other hand, the number of people traveling at the same time as you is innumerable and the lines are excessively long at each of the attractions, especially at the water ones such as the Maid of the Mist, the Journey Behind the Falls or the Cave of the Wind.

So, if you want to enjoy any of these plans, it is better to do it early in the morning, especially if you go with children. There are not so many people and, in addition to the fact that you can “easily” enter the attractions, there is less risk of losing one of your children in the crowd.

If you are passionate about photography and sunset, waiting for sunset will be fantastic, but remember that you won’t be the only one waiting for it, so don’t complain about crowds or not being able to capture perfect photos.

Although the prices of the Niagara Falls day trip from NYC are maintained throughout the year, it is important that you reserve your place so as not to be left out, since the volume of tourists is such that it is difficult to find a trip overnight.

And, if you are looking for other plans in the area, in June you can enjoy a wine festival ( Niagara’s New Vintage Festival ) and in August you can enjoy Niagara on the Lake .


AUTUMN – September to November

It is believed that this season is the most romantic of the year, the temperature drops a little – between 32 and 68 ° F -, the number of tourists decreases and, along with them, the rates of hotels and restaurants. However, a short volume of visitors remains, who still seek to enjoy their vacations with greater tranquility since the bustle has gone with the summer.

The weather is still comfortable so the attractions remain open, although sometimes there are sudden variations that can cause changes in plans, for the safety of tourists.

It is said that autumn is romantic thanks to the copper tone that takes over the landscapes, nature begins to dress in red, orange and gold, it is like an eternal sunset. In addition, in the vineyards there are new harvests, good wines and farmers markets begin to proliferate, if you want you can visit the wineries, pick fruits or take oenological routes.

If you like festivals, you can attend Oktoberfest (the famous beer festival), but you can also have a more cultural moment at the Shaw Festival dedicated to theater or the Annual Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival held in Jordan.


WINTER – from December to February

Winter in the northern countries of the American continent is really cold, the temperature can be between 26 ° F and 41 ° F, it has even been established that the coldest day is January 29 with a temperature that reaches up to 17 ° F and does not exceed 30 ° F, so if you plan to travel in winter it is mandatory that you wear special clothing for sub-zero climates.

Niagara Falls: When Is The Best Time To Visit?From December to February it is considered low season in Niagara Falls and therefore prices are favorable for all budgets, except in December when, despite maintaining low prices, rates go up for Christmas celebrations. According to the US News, the best dates to travel cheap are January and February.

About 1 million people visit the falls during the winter to appreciate a unique spectacle. Giant pieces of ice fall into the bottom of the cold waters, producing a huge roar and a visual spectacle. On rare occasions the environment temperature has dropped so much that the falls seem to be completely frozen, which has been quite a show for tourists and locals. In addition, the mist takes over the viewpoints and covers, with a white layer, everything that surrounds the falls creating attractive scenes.

Given the low flow of visitors and low temperatures, the main attractions are closed in their entirety until the beginning of March, but, in order to attract and distract the visitors who have chosen the winter season, the local authorities organize an admirable Lights Festival ( Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland ), which runs from November to January and provides a Christmas atmosphere to the tourist districts that surround the park.


SPRING – March to May

It is possible that on this date, on the Canadian side, the occasional snowfall will continue, so it is important that you check the weather forecast when you make your day trip from New York or Ontario. The temperature at the beginning of March can continue around 32 ° F but at the end of May it can reach 68 ° F, so you should wear comfortable clothes but do not forget to carry a coat, gloves, a hat and good shoes, just in case.

At the end of March the main attractions restart their activities, but sometimes they begin in mid-April. Anyway you can enjoy the outdoors and the flowers that take over the forests, excursions are popular again, but also are the bike rides, food festivals and cruises.

As for prices, it is possible that they will start to rise, anyway it is mid season and at the end of May it becomes high season, so at the beginning of spring you will surely find good rates but at the end of the month they will intensify welcoming the summer. After all, during the spring the volume of visitors is still low but they are preparing for the high bustle of the summer.

Best season to travel to Niagara FallsDuring this season the festivities increase and some fireworks shows are presented. You can also visit the Butterfly Conservatory and the Journey Behind the Falls is really attractive, because throughout the area the greenish tones intensify and nature takes over again.



Remember to always book in advance, do not trust or wait until the last minute to reserve your places, both in hotels and excursions. We want you to travel around the world and to have the opportunity to appreciate everything that nature has to show you. Choose the date that you like the most and take an NYC to Niagara Falls tour, you will love it.


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This is Christmas in Dyker Heights

Guide 2021: Visit Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights

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Finding an amazing destination to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve is something that hundreds of families do each year. Their purpose is to get out of the routine and fall in love with the typical celebrations of each country they visit, and the United States is no exception.

How many times have we seen in Hollywood Christmas movies that there are extravagant decorations everywhere? Well, some of those striking decorations can be found in New York; precisely this city has one of the most decorated and devoted neighborhoods to these festivities in the entire country, Dyker Heights.

If you spend Christmas in the Big Apple, we highly recommend you to take a NYC christmas lights tour, so you will be able to know details of the city that otherwise you will surely overlook. For you not to miss anything, below we share a few details that you should keep in mind about this amazing neighborhood.

What is Dyker Heights about?

Dyker Heights is a neighborhood located in the south west area of ​​Brooklyn, very close to Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge. This is an Italian-American neighborhood, 100% residential, therefore it tends to be very quiet, away from the hustle and bustle that characterizes the Big City.

Once you start to walk through its streets, you will find gardens and houses decorated from corner to corner, lit by thousands and thousands of small bright lights. Personally, it seems to be a dream place, as some of the owners put gigantic decorations and put together a theatrical stage that captivates.

Where to See Brooklyn's Amazing Dyker Heights Christmas

The tradition began in 1986 when Lucy Spata, owner of one of the places, decided to decorate it from floor to ceiling, something that was not well accepted by the neighbors at that time because the amount of lights affected them at night, however, through the years, those same neighbors were attracted by the Christmas spirit and began to join the initiative to the point of promoting competitions among themselves. Each year the decorations get more flashy and voluminous, so it certainly does cost a few thousand dollars paying the bills, but it’s worth it.

Not all homeowners crowd their gardens with lights or inflatables, but those who do tend to hire companies that are professionally responsible for the decorations, paying between $ 2,000 and $ 5,000 for each. The goal is to have the most striking house, the brighter and with more viewers.

In those places where they have paid for the decoration you can find an advertising poster of the company in charge, so, at the end of the day everyone wins.

When do they start decorating?

The lighting formally begins on Thanksgiving, the last thursday of november; however mid-December is the best time to visit Dyker Heights until the end of the year or the first days of January. You must know that the best lighting brights especially on weekends.

As they are family homes, they turn off the lights at around 9:00 pm, therefore the ideal is to arrive at dusk to be able to cover more land. A 3 or 4 hour tour is perfect for walking through the neighborhood streets.

To plan your trip well, we recommend you to check the official Facebook page of the “event” ( Dyker Heights Christmas Lights ), so you will be absolutely sure about the dates.

How to get to Dyker Heights?

There are several ways to do the tour, you can hire a New York Christmas Lights Tour or do it on your own, the first option allows you to learn more about the history of the place and the most amazing houses in the neighborhood without worrying about long walks or transportation, but the second option allows you to go on your own and at your own pace.

where is dyker heights

If you decide to go on your own you must get to Brooklyn by subway to Bay Ridge on R Line there you get off at 86th St., or you can also get to Bensonhurst on D Line at the 79th St. station, the route from Manhattan takes about 40 minutes. From any of these stations you must walk almost 20 minutes, 1 kilometer and a half, to get to Dyker Heights. As soon as you see the lights, you will know that you have reached your destination.

Now, some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • In December New York tends to be very cold, therefore it is ideal that you wear appropriate clothes for the weather, don´t forget to wear gloves, a hat and a scarf.
  • Dyker Heights is a residential sector so you will not find cafes or shops nearby, our recommendation is that once you get to a metro station buy drinks or snacks for the road. It is also important that you take advantage to go to the bathroom since there will be no place later.
  • If you decide to book a christmas lights tour in NYC do it in advance, at once you can take the opportunity to take another tour through New York and thus know the other destinations that the rest of the boroughs have to offer.
  • In December night falls at 4:30 pm, keep that in mind when preparing your trip.
  • Include in your agenda a visit to the most famous houses in the neighborhood, in fact one is opposite the other. The first is Lucy Spata’s house located at 1152 84th Street, at the entrance it has dozens of lead soldiers, snowmen and angels surrounded by hundreds of lights. In front of it, at 1145 on the same street, you will find the Polizzotto house that has a gigantic Santa at the entrance accompanied by a couple of huge lead soldiers.

This is a plan that you cannot miss if you pass through the Big Apple during the Christmas season, whether you do a New York Christmas Lights Tour or if you tour the city on your own, you will have an incredible experience. Pack your bags and let’s go!


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Best free things to do in Philadelphia

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The city of Philadelphia, also known as Philly, is the main city in the state of Pennsylvania and the fifth largest city in the United States. Thanks to its location, the trip to Philadelphia from New York has become one of the most desired activities by tourists, because at a low cost and in a one-day tour, with all the comforts, you can meet one of the largest historical centers in the nation, after Washington DC, and witness its cultural and artistic appeal.

The city of brotherly love is a highly welcoming destination with all the advantages of today, this and its past full of history has made Philadelphia part of the list of cities not to miss in the United States.

This city has the ability to offer plans for all tastes and ages. That is why today we have taken the time to specify to you 9 of the free activities that you can do when you come to Philly. Whether you do the day trip to Philadelphia from NYC or you come on your own. Let´s begin:

1. National Museum of American Jewish History

This is a space dedicated to celebrating the life and achievements of 19 famous Jewish-Americans who have changed part of world history, for example you can see the pipe used by the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein or the famous Super 8 camera by filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Admission is free, however it is ideal that before attending the place you check the opening times and dates.

2. Once Upon a Nation

“Once upon a time a nation” is a social space where real stories of historical events are told by expert narrators, completely free. The tour brings together 13 stories, told in 13 different settings, around the Historic District, where there are chairs arranged to sit and listen carefully. Each story lasts from 3 to 5 minutes and in each narration spot they allow the kids to collect a story flag and a star from each storyteller, these gifts can be kept as reminders or redeemed for a History Hero certificate plus a carousel ride at the Parx Liberty Carousel in Franklin Square.

Storytellers are often found around Valley Forge National Park, specifically at:

  • Independence Visitor Center
  • Independence Square, behind the Independence Hall.
  • Signer’s Garden
  • Carpenters room
  • Museum of the American Revolution
  • The Powel House
  • Elfreth’s Alley
  • Franklin Court
  • The church of Christ
  • Betsy Ross House
  • Arch Street Meeting House
  • The Lincoln Financial Storytelling Bank at the National Constitution Center
  • Franklin Square

3. United States Mint

Top Free Things to Do in Philly

For free, you can learn about the coins production at the US Mint by touring the factory floor and the first coin minting press from 40 feet up. The tour is self-guided, so wherever you go there are posters and screens that tell a little about the history of the place and the manufacture of commemorative coins and medals. This is a purely cultural visit and is of great interest to collectors.

4. Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park is one of those commemorative spaces that you must visit. It shows a little of what the War of Independence was by having structures from the time that gave rise to the encampment site of General George Washington and his army in the winter of 1777 and 1778. The most important monuments of the place are the National Memorial Arch and the Barracks used by General Washington.

You can visit the park by car or bicycle, although if you prefer to hear some of the history, you can visit it on foot and obtain a telephone guide by calling (484) 396-1018.

5. Mummers Museum

Best Free Things to do in PhiladelphiaAlthough it is not a completely free tour, at the exit of the Mummers Museum you must give a voluntary contribution to help maintain the place and the works that are exhibited there. The aim of the museum is to present collections of costumes and pieces brought by Swedish settlers before the year 1900, since one of the traditions that the Swedes of South Philadelphia positioned is to celebrate the New Year with an event full of dance, pantomime and flashy outfits, so the Mummers Museum has taken it upon itself to preserve memories, explain customs and relive the iconic parade to its visitors on any day of the year.

6. Science History Institute

It is a museum created in an old building that houses an old bank during the Civil War. There are objects created from the 18th century to the 20th century; objects full of history that helped change the world, because among them there are stories of successes, failures and scientific discoveries full of surprises.

7. Barnes Foundation

If you are an art lover, on the first Sunday of each month the Barnes Foundation allows free admission to adults and children to appreciate the different most important art collections in the world, about impressionism, post-impressionism and modernism. It even offers an hour of art stories, ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

8. The Fabric Workshop and Museum

What are the best things to do for free in Philadelphia?

It is a museum of avant-garde and contemporary art that dedicates its installations to artists who create new works on canvas or other materials. The FWM is the only museum in the world that has permanent collections by renowned artists such as Robet Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Morris, Carrie Mae Weems, among others. Throughout the year they present exhibitions on specific artists or themes, making their installations always remain fresh and dynamic.

The recommendation is to take advantage of the visit to tour the studios where the resident artists work, attend lectures about working on canvas or watch a couple of video presentations. In addition, the museum has its own gift shop where you will find simple pieces such as ties, napkins, canvas bags or umbrellas, with pieces made by the artists.

9. Curtis Institute of Music

It is an ideal space for those passionate about music, there you can see free presentations or solo recitals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.



Actually, the list goes on and on, because in Philly you can enjoy activities and public exhibitions throughout the year, which although not all are free, can be very low cost, up to $5 per ticket.

However, to be able to see them in their entirety you will need a couple of days to be worth it. Now, if you do not have much time to visit this wonderful destination, we recommend you take the Philadelphia From New York Day Trip, where, joined by an expert guide, you will get to know the most important places in the city. Well, even if you decide not to stay there, walking through its streets and monuments will make your day.


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All you need to know about the Statue of Liberty

All you need to know about the Statue of Liberty

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One of the greatest references of New York is the Statue of Liberty, a gift that France made to the United States in 1886, which, to date, is an emblematic monument of the country. When you think about the United States, the first thing that comes to mind is this immense monument that has become one of the most popular tourist destinations for locals and visitors. In fact, if you take a NYC night tour, visiting or seeing the Statue of Liberty is a requirement, whether you enter it or simply appreciate it from a distance.

In order to satisfy your curiosity and encourage you to visit this wonderful monument, below we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

Pack a suitcase, put on comfortable clothes and join us on this tour!



As we mentioned a while ago, the monument was a gift from France to emphasize its friendship with the United States in addition to celebrating 100 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The idea was born in 1875 by the French sculptor Frédéric Gustave Bartholdi who, with the support of the historian Edouard Laboulaye, decided to create the sculpture and have it ready just before the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. To manufacture the structure he had the support of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who years later built the Eiffel Tower.

Despite the fact that the piece or art was a gift from France, the money that had been raised for the construction of the statue was not enough to build the pedestal, therefore the cost of the sculpture was assumed 100% by France while the United States Unidos took care of the complete logistics. To manage the transport, installation and build the pedestal, it was Joseph Pulitzer, editor of the New York World newspaper, who was in charge of raising the rest of money needed by requesting donations; those who donated were publicly thanked in his newspaper.


 In 1924 the Statue of Liberty was declared a National Monument of the United States and in 1984 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, reason enough to keep the structure up to date.



On the occasion of the celebration of 200 years of France, the United States gave them a scale replica of the Statue of Liberty, this is located in Paris on the side of the Seine River, on the Pont de Grenelle. This piece maintains the exact design of the original but it measures 11.5 meters in height, is made of bronze and its position looks directly at its replica in NYC. All the attention is taken by the Eiffel Tower, however this work of art continues to commemorate the union between the USA and France.

Everything You Need to Know about the statue of libertyOn the other hand, also in Paris, in the Luxembourg Gardens there is another replica located in the extreme southwest; in this case it is the first scale model manufactured in 1870.



At first there was the idea that the most suitable location to install the statue was Central Park, however, in 1871, Bartholdi visited New York and while touring the city he found the perfect place to accommodate the artistic piece, Bedloe’s Island (today known as Liberty Island). Which is located in the upper part of NYC near the port, 2.6 km from the south of Manhattan, so it would be the first thing that the crew of all the arriving ships would see .

Initially, the work was called “Freedom Enlightening the World”, since being located right at the entrance of the port, the torch served as a lighthouse until 1920, welcoming hundreds of European immigrants. It was regulated by the US Lighthouse board and its light could cover a distance of up to 39 kilometers, making it necessary to install an electric generator to supply power to the entire structure. Over the years, thanks to its symbolism, it began to be recognized as the “Statue of Liberty”, a name maintained to date.

It is worth mentioning that her location and position was not given at random since, in addition to symbolizing freedom, the woman stares in the direction of France, emphasizing the brotherhood with the United States.



  • It is 305 feet tall, including its pedestal, making it the largest statue in the world.
  • In her left hand she raises a torch that illuminates the world and symbolizes freedom. Since 1986, after its restoration, it was covered with 24K gold sheets to make it shine permanently. The original torch is kept in the museum.
  • In her right hand she holds the “boards” signed during the Declaration of Independence, in which says July IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776), the date on which the declaration was signed.
  • The crown has 7 points that represent the continents and the 7 seas.
  • With her left foot she is undoing some chains that symbolize the end of oppression.
  • Her posture indicates that she is taking a step forward, moving into the future, and taking a step toward freedom.
  • The crown has 25 windows that represent the gems found on Earth.
  • There are those who claim that the crown is similar to the one of Helios, personification of the Sun in Greek mythology.
  • At the end of the 19th century, millions of European immigrants arrived in the United States and the one who welcomed them was Miss Liberty. That is why she became the symbol of immigrants and empowers the ideals of freedom, slavery abolition, democracy, peace and support to human rights.
  • The Statue of Liberty was made of copper, so during the first years it kept a reddish tone, however due to the passage of time and the effects of the weather it took on a greenish tone produced by the natural oxidation of copper (patina), which is the one we see today, this tone has become part of her identity.


The works of classical culture were a source of inspiration for the artist and that is the main reason why the piece has a woman’s body, however the face, although there are several theories about it, is said to be the graphic representation of Chaarlotte Bartholdi, the artist’s mother.

Bartholdi was in a dilemma to find the perfect material to build the statue, since it had to be light to be transported but also had to be weather-resistant. He found inspiration in the Colossus of Rhodes , a hollow statue made of bronze, only in this case the sculptor chose to use 2 millimeter thick copper sheets.

things you might not know about the Statue of LibertyInitially, the statue was manufactured in 3-meter pieces that were extended until reaching 11 meters, creating a sectioned sculpture but internally supported with a central support structure made of iron by Gustave Eiffel. Finally the Statue of Liberty is 46 meters high and weighs 225 tons.

The statue arrived in the United States on July 4, 1884, but had to be kept packed for 15 months while the construction of the 45.7-meter-high pedestal was finished, once it was ready, the assembly of the work began in sections – of bottom up – without using external scaffolding. It was on October 28, 1886, that the flame of freedom was finally lit in New York City.



  • In 1916 they made a change in the torch, initially it was made of copper but they decided to replace it with 600 yellow glasses to enhance the light. This project was in charge of Gutzon Borglum, the same sculptor from Mount Rushmore. On July 30 of the same year, the Black Tom Explosion was carried out, an act of sabotage at the hands of German agents that led to the closure of the entry of people to the torch.
  • In 1937, they replaced part of the stairs on the statue’s pedestal, reinforced pieces of the support that were rusted, and rebuilt the crown frames.
  • In 1980 they checked the state of the monument and noticed that it had a high level of wear and corrosion, forcing a total restoration process to be carried out. In this event, the torch was replaced by gold sheets and the internal and external supports were reinforced, making a reopening on July 3, 1986.
  • On different occasions the lighting system has been updated, in 1916 the statue had 246 light projectors. To illuminate the base of the monument and other points of the island 250 W lamps were used, while in the torch 500 W lamps were used. Between 1931 and 1945 they intensified the light inside the statue, eliminating shadows and giving an effect of greater amplitude.


If after taking a New York City tour at night you want to visit the Statue of Liberty, we inform you that you can go up to its crown. However, to achieve this it is important that you make a reservation months in advance to guarantee a place, otherwise it will be impossible to find available tickets.

It is literally on an island, therefore to get there you must take a ferry that leaves from Battery Park, but pay attention when taking the ferry since there are some going to Liberty Island and others towards Staten Island, back you can take any that goes to Manhattan.

Before boarding you will go through a first security check and then another when entering the monument. Keep in mind that you cannot enter with suitcases, large bags or baby carriages, so you must leave them at the entrance lockers and pay for their care. These security protocols were increased after the 9-11 attack.

To get to the crown of the statue you must queue for 2 to 3 hours, but you must be within the first 240 people in line to get a place – unless you have a reservation. Then, you must climb 22 floors (354 steps) to reach your destination. Not recommended for people with health problems.

If you want to appreciate an excellent view, you can get to the pedestal that has an observation platform, from there you will have an excellent panoramic view of New York Harbor. To get to this point you can use the elevator or you can also go up the staircase (192 steps), from there another spiral staircase begins and it leads to the observation platform at the crown of the statue.

In case you are just passing through, or you are doing a quick tour of New York, you can enter the museum that is located on the pedestal of the statue, there you will learn a little about the history and construction of this majestic work.

Everything You Need to Know About the Statue of LibertyAnother option to avoid crowds and long waits is to see it up close but without reaching the island. If you are aware of the costs, the lack of reservations and the delays to enter, you can take a FREE ferry to Staten Island and see it on the way, from there you can take great photographs and appreciate the art from a safe distance without possible hassles. This ferry does not stop at Liberty Island.



FERRIES. They start operating between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. To return from Liberty Island the last departure is at 4:30 PM.

STATUE OF LIBERTY. Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Hours may change seasonally and during holidays.

Closed on December 25



Departing from Battery Park, NY – New York (Manhattan)

Parking is limited near Battery Park so public transportation is highly recommended for your visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum. If you are leaving from New York:

  • Metro: Take the 1 train to the “South Ferry” station, the 4 or 5 train to the Bowling Green station or the R train to the “Whitehall Street / South Ferry” station.
  • Bus: Take the M15 (East Side) bus called “South Ferry” or the M6 ​​(West Side) from 57th Street.
  • Car: Take FDR Drive South, 1 Exit – South Ferry Battery Park. West Side – Take Westside Highway South (9A) until Battery Park.

Leaving from New Jersey from Liberty State Park

The emission and departure areas at Liberty State Park are located on New Jersey’s historic Central Railroad Terminal near the water. If you travel by car, caravan or private bus, there you can park for a comfortable rate.

Liberty State Park is also accessible by taxi, ferry, and public transportation.

  • Light Rail:  Take the Hudson-Bergen (HBLR) train to Liberty State Park Station, then walk. Another option is to walk 1 mile on Audrey Zapp Drive to the ticket office area located near the CRRNJ Terminal. For departures, walk 1/3 mile to the ferry port, from the ticket booth / security shopping areas.
  • Car:  From the New Jersey Turnpike take Exit 14-B and follow the signs to Liberty State Park.
  • Ferry:  Liberty Landing Ferry Service – from the World Financial Terminal in New York to the Liberty Landing Marina in Liberty State Park, NJ. Visitors with ferry tickets to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island will receive a $ 2 discount on Liberty Landing Ferry Service tickets.


By Ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Duration 3 hours approx.

  • Adults………………………………. $ 25.50
  • Adults over 62 ………… .. $ 21
  • Children between 4 and 12 years old ……… .. $ 16

By Ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island, with access to the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

  • Adults ……………………………… $ 25.50
  • Adults over 62 …………. $ 21
  • Children between 4 and 12 years old: ……… $ 16

Access to the Crown of the Statue of Liberty + access by ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

  • Adults …………………………… .. $ 28.50
  • Adults over 62 ………… $ 24
  • Children between 4 and 12 years old ……… $ 19

NOTE: If your ticket says “Statue of Liberty – Grounds Only”, you will only be allowed to visit the island, it does not include entrance to the Statue.


New York is full of art and culture everywhere, it is a city where hundreds of artists have gathered and have left their mark to give it that special touch that attracts us. To get to know all the corners of the city, you can take a New York City night tour that will allow you to see up close each facet of the city, its districts, its colors, its people and its customs. Dare to visit one of the most important and memorable cities in the United States.


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things you didn't know about Abraham Lincoln

9 things you didn’t know about Abraham Lincoln

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In the United States, there is no city that pays more tribute to all its presidents than its capital does, and that is the most important reason why Washington DC has so many places to visit. If you are touring the country do not hesitate to take the opportunity to make a day trip to Washington from NYC to soak up a little more of the North American culture and enjoy more miles traveled.

In each monument built in this city you will find very interesting data about the history of the fathers of the country, so today we will dedicate this article to tell you 9 Things You May Not Know About the sixteenth president of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln.

1. The former president is enshrined in the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Abraham Lincoln was an innate fighter, because thanks to his long limbs he managed to dominate the ring very well and it is said that he was defeated only once in about 300 matches.

2. Lincoln created the Secret Service hours before his assassination.

On April 14, 1865, Lincoln signed a law to formally create the United States Secret Service. But, curiously, that same night he was shot inside the Ford Theater facilities and, it is believed that, even if the Secret Service had been previously established, it would not have been able to save his life, since the original mission of the agency was to combat the widespread currency counterfeiting. It wasn’t until 1901, after the assassinations of two other presidents, that the Secret Service was formally assigned to protect the commander-in-chief.

3. The grave robbers tried to steal his corpse.

Things You May Not Know About Abraham Lincoln

The Secret Service was finally on a mission to protect Lincoln, but only in death. In 1876, a Chicago gang of counterfeiters attempted to snatch Lincoln’s corpse from his grave, which was protected only with a padlock in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois. The gang’s plan was to retain the body and collect about $ 200,000 for its ransom plus the release of the gang’s best forger, who was in jail. At the time, Secret Service agents infiltrated the gang and hoped to disrupt the operation, meanwhile the former president’s body was quickly transferred to an unmarked grave before being locked in a steel cage and buried under 10 feet of concrete.

4. Abraham Lincoln tested rifles outside the White House.

Lincoln was commander-in-chief of the military troops and had a great interest in artillery devices used by Union troops during the Civil War. At this time he attended artillery and cannon tests, meeting at the White House with inventors who taught him various military prototypes. Although there was a standing order against firing guns in the District of Columbia, Lincoln tested muskets and even rifles on the stretches of lawns around the White House, now known as the Ellipse, and the National Mall. One of today’s most coveted tourist spots and a must on any Day trip to DC from NYC.

5. John Wilkes Booth’s brother saved Lincoln’s son’s life.

A few months before John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln, the president’s eldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln, was on a train platform in Jersey City, New Jersey, where a crowd of passengers began to push the young man backwards, making him fall into the open space between the platform and a moving train. Suddenly a hand reached him out and grabbed him by the collar of his coat, saving his life. Robert Todd Lincoln immediately recognized his savior, the famous actor Edwin Booth.

6. His mother died from drinking poisoned milk.

When Abraham was 9 years old, in 1818, his mother, Nancy, died of a mysterious “milk disease” that swept across southern Indiana. Over the years it was discovered that the strange disease was due to drinking milk from a cow that ingested contaminated plants, which turned out to be poisonous.

7. Lincoln didn’t move to Illinois until he was 21 years old.

Interesting Facts About Abraham LincolnIllinois may be known as the Land of Lincoln, but it was in Indiana that the 16th president spent his formative years. He was born in 1809 in Kentucky, in 1816 his father Thomas moved the family across the Ohio River to a 160-acre parcel in southern Indiana, however Lincoln did not immigrate to Illinois until 1830.

8. He was always very skeptical of religion

Despite being raised in a Baptist and highly believing environment, Lincoln never became a member of any church, preferring to keep his beliefs to himself and respecting those of others.

9. For years there has been speculation about his sexual inclination

From November 4, 1842, until the day of his death, he was married to Mary Todd with whom he had 4 children. Even though it has been said that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual as a result of the affective relationships he had with several men throughout his life, and for some poetry he wrote.

From his leadership he has been considered one of the most important presidents of the United States, as he achieved many improvements in the country’s infrastructure and helped its evolution after the Civil War. He also generated great political impact for the freeing of slaves, reason enough to be one of the most commemorated characters in the North American capital.



Go on a Washington D.C. one day tour from New York and visit the most representative monuments and museums in the nation.


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Tips enjoy niagara falls

Tips to enjoy Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful natural borders in the world, but something more attractive than its immensity is the huge volume of water, about 2800 cubic meters per second, that falls from there naturally and permanently, without decreasing the water volume even in winter or summer, as it would be expected.

There are two ways to get to this destination, you could arrive directly to Canada or do it from the United States, whatever your choice is you can cross to the other side of the border carrying your passport and the occasional permit. However, the most common plan is to take a Niagara Falls day trip from New York, since it allows you to meet other destinations along the way and visit the place in just one day, saving you money on accommodation, time and additional transportation.

The falls become a visual spectacle for the assistants in any season of the year, still it is important to be clear about some details that will help you to have a great time. Below we share a few tips for enjoying the Niagara Falls the perfect way:


Fortunately, being able to enjoy this natural spectacle is still completely free, so don’t be fooled by unscrupulous people. In any case, the attractions that have been created around it, thanks to the volume of visitors, do have a cost.

In fact, the Canadian area has been proclaimed as the Las Vegas of Canada, so you can imagine what it is about. By the way, at each border of the falls you will find different options of hotels, restaurants and attractions with variable prices and availability according to the season.


Two of the most common ways to get to the falls are from New York (USA) or from Toronto (Canada).

If you plan to do it from NYC you can take the 63 train from Penn Station to the Niagara Falls town, as you can choose between visiting the Canadian or American side this train makes a first stop in Niagara Falls in the USA and then in Niagara Falls in Ontario, the Ticket value costs close to $ 90 USD. You can also take a Greyhound bus direct to Niagara Falls or, if you prefer to save some money and go without haste, you can take a Megabus to Buffalo and then another to Niagara Falls.

Practical Tips for Visiting Niagara Falls

Another option, highly recommended, is to travel on a Niagara Falls One Day Tour from New York where you travel in a private vehicle with your family and other excursion attendees. The travel agency picks you up at your hotel in NYC and takes you directly to the Falls without problems, without spending more and with an expert guide who gives you details about the history of each visited place. For only $ 169 USD per person you can spend vacations in Niagara Falls, travel quietly and comfortably. Make a reservation clicking here.

If you choose to travel from Toronto you can do it by bus in a 3 hours journey, the most popular companies are Megabus, Go Transit and Greyhound. In summer you can travel by train through WeGo Train, the value of the tour is approximately $ 30 CAD, it includes a round trip ticket with unlimited access to the WeGo tourist buses for 2 days, ideal for spending a weekend and visiting the attractions of the area.


You will be able to find all kinds of hotels, from hostels and Bed & Breakfasts to 4 and 5-star hotels, but regardless of the type of accommodation you prefer, it is ideal that you make a prior reservation, especially if you travel in high season, since the volume of tourists is such that prices go up and the availability of accommodation becomes limited.


Getting around Niagara Falls is simple, it all depends on your taste and needs. For example, you can rent a bike – at your hotel or at shared bike stations -, walk on short trips, ride the WeGo bus network or take a taxi.


As we mentioned before, there are many attractions designed to amuse tourists and get them into the wonder of the falls, therefore there are passes that give you access to everything for a very good price. Some of the included attractions are:

  • Entrance to the Niagara Adventure Theater where a film about the myths, legends and reality of the falls is shown.
  • Excursion through the Cave of the Winds, where you will walk a path to the base of the “Bridal Veil Falls”.
  • Excursion on the Maid of the Mist, a boat that sails to the base of the “Horseshoe Falls”.
  • Visit and access to the trails of the Niagara George Discovery Center, a land that surrounds the area with natural trails.
  • Entrance to the Niagara Aquarium where you will see up to 1,500 marine animals.

It is worth mentioning that these attractions are only available from April to October, during this period the weather is conducive to doing all kinds of activities.

Best tips to visit Niagara FallsBeside the plans that are included in the access passes, you can also consider:

  • To observe the falls from the 236-meter-high observation tower, perfect for those who prefer to avoid getting wet but still want to enjoy the view.
  • To do zipline over the falls, passing over them at 70 kilometers per hour, an excellent option for the more adventurous.
  • Having a helicopter ride to enjoy the view.
  • To enjoy the sunset at the falls, so you will see a light show on the water and fireworks.


You have a 90% chance of getting your clothes wet, therefore it is advisable that you bring change clothes and comfortable shoes for long walks. Also, bring a rain suit to use when you hike the trails at Bridal Veil Falls.


Traveling with children always demands a lot of your attention, as they can easily get lost in the crowd. However, Niagara Falls is a spectacle that they can also take advantage of and these are some of the attractions designed for them or to enjoy with the family:

  • Visit the Butterfly House with more than 2000 specimens.
  • Have a cable car ride.
  • Visit the Fallview Indoor Waterparck, during summer.
  • Enjoy games on the Great Canadian Midway.


If you have arrived in the USA from a country with an ESTA agreement, you DO NOT require an entry visa, you may only have your passport stamped in the USA. But keep in mind that if you go in a rented car you must have a card stamped by the rental company.

If you arrive from a country without an agreement, you must have a visa. Get advice from the Canadian embassy in your country.

Best ways to enjoy the Niagara Falls

If you will get to Canada by plane, from the USA, you will need an eTA authorization which is obtained on its official website.


If you are passionate about photography and you always want to take a great memory with you on your camera or on your social networks, these are the best places to get a good shot:

  • Rainbow bridge
  • Walk on the shores of the Falls (Canada)
  • From the Cruise
  • The viewpoint at the end of the tunnel in the Journey Behind the Fall
  • Goat Island (USA)


  • Bring a hat and sunscreen, especially in the summer.
  • If you travel in winter, bring gloves, a jacket and a hat.
  • Load a bottle with water, this can be filled in several troughs in the area.
  • Avoid using the rails to sit, it is better to prevent accidents.
  • Take your camera or your phone tied up, the chances of them falling down is very high since there are many people trying to take the perfect photo at the same time.
  • Protect your camera or phone with a waterproof lining so you can get great photos and keep your gear intact.

To finish this article, we recommend you to plan your trip in advance, so you can take advantage of the best rates and hotel availability. Whether you choose to travel on your own or prefer to take a Trip to Niagara Falls from NYC, we are sure you will love this destination. It will capture your attention.


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Rocky Steps And Rocky Statue in Philadelphia

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More than 40 years ago, in 1976, the film Rocky was released. It tells the story of an Italian-American boxer (Rocky Balboa) who pursues the American dream and fights to become the best heavyweight boxer while he struggles for the love of a woman.

The film was starred and written by Sylvester Stallone, being it the film work that made him a movie star. Rocky won 3 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and 1 Golden Globe, in addition to being nominated for other 32 awards in different categories.

It has, undoubtedly, been one of the films printed in the memory of thousands of people who have let Philadelphia know how big is their love for Rocky. Since this city is the location where the entire saga was recorded, every year, hundreds of tourists gather in Philly to personify the most popular scene, the one running up the stairs of the Museum of Modern Art.

The setting appears in the first Rocky movie, however it gained fame in the sequel thanks to a scene where the main actor runs through the Philadelphia streets, as part of his training, then he runs up the museum stairs until he reaches the top where he raises his arms while the song “Gonna Fly Now” plays in the background. Since then, the stairs adopted the name of “The Rocky Steps” and became an emblematic location for the city, even more than the museum itself.

The fame that the Rocky Steps gained thanks to the first two films made the entire saga use this place as scenery, so it has also appeared in Rocky III, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa and Creed. In all of them the main character runs up to the rhythm of the song and raises his arms when he reaches the top, just in the same way as all the tourists and locals who join the challenge do. It has turned into something iconic.

Rocky Steps And Statue in Philadelphia

On your next trip to Philadelphia from New York we recommend you visit this location, even if you are not a fan of the movie, you will surely dare to take on the challenge of running up the stairs. There you will feel that you have reached a new achievement and you will not miss the celebration selfie.

Besides, if you arrive at the place in order to celebrate just like Rocky did, take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Modern Art and enjoy the great skyline view, from that spot you can appreciate the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Philadelphia City Hall and the Eakins Oval.

Rocky has his own statue

In order to immortalize the famous scene, in 1983 Sylvester Stallone had a life-size bronze statue of Rocky manufactured to promote the film Rocky III. Once the statue was installed, it was first placed at the top of the stairs which dramatically increased the arrival of tourists, so the museum decided to put the sculpture at the bottom of the stairs to promote the visit to the museum, in addition to running and taking the photo or video. However, this didn’t happen most of the time since people came to the place only to recreate the scene without visiting the museum.

Rocky Statue and Rocky Steps

The statue location created some discord in the city, so the population decided to install it in the Philadelphia Spectrum Arena, but in 1990, following the premiere of Rocky V, it was temporarily returned to its original location, and then did it again in 2006 to celebrate Rocky’s 31st anniversary. Since then, the statue has a new permanent location right next to the famous staircase.

FUN FACT: 2 statues were manufactured, the first is the one located next to the museum facilities and the other was put up for auction in order to raise funds for the Sport and Olympic History International Institute, the initial price was 5 million dollars but shortly after they had to lower it to 1 million. At the end, it was never sold.

Once you get to the top of the stairs, on the floor there is a pair of footprints of the sports shoes that Rocky used when he was training, this in order to pay tribute to the character and the artist who recovered the tourist life in Philadelphia.

The excitement of the film was such that, in 2015, the Philadelphia director of commerce assured that Stallone and his character are the ones who have done the most for the city after Benjamin Franklin, since they managed to highlight the city on the map, promoting trade, tourism and the local economy.



If you choose to take a day trip to Philadelphia from New York, or visit the oldest city in the United States as a vacation or work journey, take the opportunity to take a walk through the streets of the city and go up to the main entrance of the museum. We assure that, in addition to being a pleasant experience, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant view and visit one of the most important museums in the city. Are you up for the challenge?


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stores you must visit in New York

14 Best places to shop in New York

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As soon as you stand on the streets of the Big Apple you will see a place full of design, creativity and fashion, especially in Manhattan. In fact, by having a day or night tour in New York, you will have the opportunity to see the magic around NYC and meet its most popular destinations, and then you should take the time to visit a few stores that will capture your full attention. It doesn’t matter if you don’t visit the stores with the intention of buying; just seeing, tasting and enjoying so much creativity will fill you .

Most of the time, when you hear about “stores to visit in New York’‘ you may think about fashion, but actually there is so much variety in the rest of the options that the technology, food and jewelry stores are also incredibly captivating.

Here we will share a few places that you will not be able to miss in the Big Apple. In case you need help for a quick location, consult with our guides who carry out the tours in New York, they are always willing to provide you the best possible advice.

That said, let’s start with our shopping tour of the best public establishments to go Shopping in the Big Apple.

If your plan is to go shopping in the city and enjoy the sales, it is ideal that you schedule the dates close to the most special celebrations in the country as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and even Halloween. But, you may know that the most anticipated date, by visitors and locals, is the famous Black Friday when prices fall exorbitantly, it is celebrated on the last Friday of November, although sometimes it usually lasts throughout the weekend. In this case, the best places to shop in NYC are:


best places to shop in New YorkConsidered the largest department store in the world, with 6 floors waiting for you, Macy’s offers all kinds of products at very affordable prices, making it one of the most visited stores by residents and tourists. There you will find all kinds of accessories, clothing, footwear, makeup and jewelry, for both men and women, it also allows wholesale or retail purchases.


It is a store that offers great temptations to buyers, since there are designer products at very low prices, there are even those who think that instead of making a typical purchase what they are doing is an investment, since the prices of the available products can turn out to be really over the top compared to other stores.


Also known as “the best kept secret in town”, this department store has designer items at great prices, all authentic and original products. Unlike the previous stores, in Century 21 you may not find the same discounts but the variety of products is much greater, however they are not as affordable prices although if you really want an original product and a little more comfortable for your pocket, do not hesitate to visit it, for example you can find a $ 7,000 dollars coat on $ 1,500 dollars.


Currently it is a store that can be found in different countries of the world, however, we must keep in mind, and be realistic, that the merchandise displayed in the USA is the trend of the moment, so surely there will be products that will take time to arrive. to other countries or they may never do. Forever 21 has several stores around the city, but the one that attracts the most is the one in Times Square, it is so flashy that the service runs until 2:00 am. Without a doubt one of the best stores that you should visit if you are in New York.


NYC Shopping GuideIt is a shopping center that exhibits stores owned by great designers and fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, among others. It is so big that we recommend you to dedicate a whole day to go through it all, although if you prefer you can have a clear objective and go directly for it, so you can make the most of the rest of your day.

Actually in New York you can find a special store for almost every known brand, like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co, GAP, Levi’s or Victoria’s Secret. But, if you want to visit a store just for seeing its decoration or to see what type of products they offer, we recommend:


Whether you’re a basketball fan or just curious, the NBA Store is dedicated to offering tribute to this legendary sport. Regardless of which team you are a fan of, there you will find clothing from the Knicks or the Chicago Bulls, uniforms, accessories, souvenirs and other details that will catch you. We think that probably you will get away with at least one purchase from this place.


It is a jewelry store that became very famous a few years ago when the actress Audrey Hepburn wanted to have breakfast surrounded by her diamonds. Their prices are from another world but you can still get in and take a look at their pieces of art carved in gold and diamonds. Although if your budget is not enough to take one of their jewels you can surely have a coffee surrounded by them in The Blue Box Café restaurant, located on the fourth floor of the store, the value of the breakfast is almost $ 30 dollars.


It is an ideal place for photography and video fans. The store is recognized for its quality of service (100% personalized) but also for the variety and innovation of their products.

9. M & M’s

Where to Go Shopping in NYCIt does not matter if you are not a fan of sweets, at M & M’s you can have a colorful and chocolaty experience, because you can taste each of its many flavors passing from color to color. Finding the store is very simple, its facade has a giant and colorful screen that immediately will catch your attention.


The Disney store is kind of a time machine thanks to the mythical representation of all of its films, even leaving aside the fairy tale princesses and putting up all kinds of products about Star Wars or Marvel superheroes.


Since 1932 Lego has fascinated young and old people with its small pieces and its great brick creations, in fact, in the Times Square Lego Store there is an exact replica of Rockefeller Center. Although this store is not very big, yet it is ideal to find spectacular souvenirs.


The Housing Work has an old factory decoration that makes something captivating about this bookstore, where besides reading a book you can sit down and drink a coffee comfortably. Among its library you can find a very wide collection of books, sorted by genre, publishers and writers.


New York ShoppingThe HBO store is a complete sensation thanks to the massive and crazy obsession we have for TV series; an obsession in which HBO has been highly involved thanks to its great productions such as The Sopranos, Sex & the City, Chernobyl or, the acclaimed, Game of Thrones. In this store you can find all kinds of accessories related to your favorite TV series.


The official Nintendo store, located in Rockefeller Center, has about 1,000 square meters dedicated to entertainment and video games, where you will find everything from clothing and accessories to the latest in video games and exclusive brand hardware. In addition, they regularly host tournaments, demos and launches of their new products.



Depending on your shopping habits, in one or two days you can visit all these stores. All of them are an interesting option even if you are just checking out the place or if you want to be surprised by the impressive offers. Enjoy your tour around New York at night and get to know the most outstanding places in the city joined by expert guides.


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