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8 Best nature parks near Niagara Falls

Being part of a Niagara Falls One Day Tour from New York is an experience like no other, since in a day trip you can be amazed by the majesty of this waterfall and appreciate the immensity of nature.

In fact, if you love plans where you have a lot of contact with nature, we tell you that very close to Niagara Falls there are other natural park options that you can take advantage of and from where, in addition, you can get excellent views of the Niagara River.

Join us on this tour of 8 nature parks near Niagara Falls, where you can camp, hike and take advantage of your adventurous soul. If you consider that we have missed mentioning any other nature park, leave us a comment at the end of the article.

Now, let’s get started.


Whirlpool State Park is, without a doubt, a place that takes your breath away; Perhaps it is a somewhat literal statement for the extensive hike you do to the upper level, but we also say it because the park offers one of the best views towards Niagara Falls. During the hike you can see wonders but when you reach the highest area you are faced with the emerald green of the Niagara River, with the view of the whitewater whirlpool and the tree-covered gorge. At Whirlpool Park you can go hiking, picnics (on the upper level) and fishing.


Near Whirlpool State Park is Devil’s Hole, a place that also offers an excellent panoramic view and is perfect to enjoy the river rapids, being highly appreciated by the most extreme fishermen and hikers.


Located near Old Fort Niagara, a former military stronghold for more than 3 centuries, Fort Niagara State Park protects the terrain where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario. During the summer, when the sky is clear, you can enjoy excellent panoramic views – typical of a postcard – that will allow you to see all the way to Toronto. There are recreational areas for children and adults right there, including hiking trails, playgrounds and fishing areas.


Without a doubt, it is the perfect place to take a photo next to a lighthouse. Between Olcott and Point Breeze is Golden Hill State Park, a very striking and photogenic place that features a 75-foot-tall lighthouse that captivates and stands out very well from the landscape. Here you can hang out fishing on the jetty or strolling through the different trails that run through the almost 6 miles of the park.


Along the Niagara River is the Joseph Davis Bird Conservatory, home to Ospreys, Bald Eagles, Northern Harriers, Eastern Bluebirds, Cooper’s Hawks and other exotic species that settle there thanks to the diversity of their habitat and the tranquility that you live in the area. In addition to spotting birds, this place is also available for fishing activities.


With more than 450 acres of forest, protected wetlands on the shores of Lake Ontario and open grasslands, is the Wilson-Tuscarora State Park. A popular spot for its open fields and 4 miles of trails available for hiking, lake boating, fishing, playing Frisbee, bird watching, and breathtaking sunsets.


Reservoir State Park is the favorite one for locals thanks to the many sports field options that it houses on its grounds (tennis courts and athletic trails). Fishermen love to visit this park since a large species of fish can be found in its reservoir. If you do visit the Reservoir State Park during the summer don’t forget to pack a kite and a picnic, but if you do it in winter be prepared to ride a giant sled or explore the park on a pair of skis. Plans are available for the whole year!


A perfect place to enjoy art-filled days is the Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park, a sprawling outdoor space, located along the Lewiston River, offering art shows throughout the year. In addition, there you can go hiking, picnics and see the Niagara Gorge in all its splendor, this being the best work of art in the place.


What do you think about it? If any of these locations has caught your attention, do not hesitate to spend your next vacation in this wonderful place. Take the opportunity to go on a Trip to Niagara Falls from NYC and get to know one of the wonders of nature.

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