Niagara Falls: Winter Festival of Lights

Every year in November, December and January – during the winter season – an impressive festival of lights is held over Niagara Falls, bringing the Christmas season to life amidst snow and several degrees Celsius below zero.

To appreciate the lush waterfall, it is not necessary to get wet, since surely you will not want to be soaked in such a cold environment, however, if you are one of those who want to “live the full experience” and decide to take the risk, you can walk through the falls in one of the boats arranged for this purpose or you can ride directly under the waterfall in the Spanish Car. (Check in advance which attractions are available in each season)

Making the decision to take a Niagara Falls one day tour from New York during this season is really risky, since the weather is freezing and inclement, but it is still a spectacle since the changes in temperature due to the fall of the water, added to the icy winds cause a mist that catches the attention of the spectators, in addition the upper layer of the water, sometimes, freezes in the air and it is something that leaves you with your mouth open. Now, take advantage of such a natural spectacle and add a light show to that … WOW! It leaves us speechless. 

What is the winter festival of lights in Niagara Falls about?

The purpose of the event is to bring Christmas to life and encourage tourism during the winter season. With the help of 3 million points of direct light towards the falls, a giant light source is created on which figures and films, allusive to Christmas, are reflected, most of them are for children.

The event begins in mid-November and lasts just over two months, becoming one of the most amazing in North America and causing more and more spectators to attend this annual event. In fact, about 2 million attendees were registered last year.

What is most striking is the opening show, as they combine music with 25 fireworks, lights and theater shows, something extravagant but worthy of a show that deserves it. In addition, the Fallsview Casino becomes an accomplice and makes impressive screenings alluding to the theme of the end of the year, Christmas.

As a complement, more than 8 kilometers are decorated to create the so-called “route of happiness”, in which more than 50 trees are given light and 3 stages of almost 4 meters are created, each one, with gingerbread houses, angels, a Noah’s ark and a whole Christmas space is evoked.

If you want to explore a little more of the area …

In addition to Niagara Falls, houses on the Dufferin Islands and some of the nearby resorts and monuments such as Queen Victoria Park, the Oakes Garden Theater, the Floral Showhouse and the Table Rock Center are decorated.

Appreciating the festival of lights has no cost, however you should check the itinerary since the show runs only a few days a week, except for the last week of December, in this it is appreciable every day.

You can also go on a parade with Santa Claus, participate in an athletic race or enjoy classical music concerts.


According to a statistic established by The US News, January and February are the perfect months to travel to Niagara Falls without spending too much, since it is the date after the Christmas celebrations and the cold is exaggerated, so there are not so many tourists and, therefore, demand goes down along with transportation and accommodation fees. It’s a perfect time to do a Niagara Falls day trip from New York, isn’t it?

Of course, it is essential to wear comfortable but warm clothing, preferably special for cold climates.


Plan your vacations in advance and contact us if you want to know more about the NYC to Niagara Falls tour we have for you. It is time to travel, meet new places and Live!

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