Pick up at the Hotel

We meet early at the entrance of the pickup hotels: Millennium Broadway, Pennsylvania, or The Manhattan at Times Square. You must wait for us at the closest to your accommodation. We begin the tour through southwest Manhattan County, to Philadelphia, this journey will take an average of 2 hours.


When we arrive in Philadelphia in the Philadelphia trip packages, we travel through the most emblematic places of the city. We begin our one day Philadelphia tour packages by visiting the Liberty Bell, the Independence Hall (where the parents of the homeland created and signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution). The President’s House Site, and the Christ Church Cemetery where Benjamin Franklin’s grave is located. This day trip to Philadelphia will be the best road trip you will ever have.

Free time to visit the city

On this trip to Philadelphia from New York, you will have free time to visit the city center at your leisure. Here you will find the Declaration House, the carpenters’ street, the oldest in the United States. The house of Betsy Ross, the woman who designed the American flag. You can see a Masonic Center, Flags Street, and we will stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Where is one of the most famous scenes in the cinema, the stairs where the movie Rocky was filmed. Without a doubt, one of the most visited points of the city.

Amish Village Tour, Lancaster

Then we set out for Lancaster to see the Amish community where you can visit a traditional village. Once there, we will take a tour in their carriages, their means of transport par excellence.

The Amish are known primarily for their simple lifestyle, modest and traditional dress. Its resistance to adopting modern comforts and technologies, especially all those related to electricity. Let us make your Recorrido en autobús del pueblo Amish something that you can never forget. We will arrange everything for you and will make it the most memorable bus journey of your life.

Then, continuing with the trip to Philadelphia from New York, we will make a stop to taste the delicious homemade cuisine or buy products, mostly organic.

Return to New York

Finally, we will leave the city of fraternal love behind and depart again for New York; it is estimated that the arrival will be at approximately 8:00 p.m.

Meeting Point

Pick-up Hotels

Hotel The Manhattan at Times Square

7th Avenue between 51st and 52nd streetsPickup Time: 5:50 a.m.


Hotel Pennsylvania

7th Avenue between 32nd and 33rd streetsPick up time: 6:00 a.m.


Millennium Broadway Hotel

45th Street between Sixth and 7th AvenuePick up Time: 6:10 a.m.


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Excursion to Philadelphia and the Amish community

Excursion to Philadelphia certainly represents another perfect getaway if you are curious about the history of the beginnings of the United States.

Also, it is a city with great economic importance due to its commercial port — the most important of the east coast. We have the best price for being direct operators, without intermediaries.

Philadelphia is one of the most historic cities in the United States. It is located in the state of Pennsylvania, which is one of the nerve centers of art and culture. Our Paquetes turísticos de 1 día a Filadelfia will do justice with your explorations and the amazing culture of Philadelphia.

In this place, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed. In the hands of the founding fathers of the country, for this reason, it has become a destination like no other. There are many places to visit in Philadelphia, a city that deserves its nickname “The City of Brotherly Love.”

Philadelphia is a city that has the perfect size. Its streets are full of art, so there you can find a lot of street art and a great variety of museums. Without a doubt, this city will make you fall in love from the first moment you walk its streets.

This tour includes the bus transfer that has WIFI, a toilet, and mobile charging points. 30-minute Buggy tour of the Amish farms. Entrance to an Amish Villa. No food or drink is included.

You cannot miss the opportunity to book with the promotion this trip to Philadelphia from New York and others such as Niagara Falls, New York Contrasts or Washington DC

The Amish

They are like a radical and puritan group of Anabaptists. The Amish are a Protestant ethnoreligious community that is united primarily by their religion and traditions.

There are more than 42 subgroups of Amish communities, which are divided into the old order and new order, which are very different from each other despite having the same origin. However, some retain the same lifestyle and similar doctrines.

At present, the Amish communities comprise about 500 settlements. They are located mostly in Canada and the United States, although there are also some communities in Central and South America.

Origin of the Amish communities

In Switzerland, in 1525, a movement called Anabaptist emerged. In which adult baptism was practiced. Conrad Grebel and George Blaurock began this movement by baptizing each other and then other followers. The Anabaptists as a movement were part of the well-known radical reform. Which was later named as the Swiss brothers.

In 1693 Jakob Ammann one of the main leaders of the Swiss brothers of Alsace. He demanded from the other leaders of the congregation that the discipline of his church be stricter. Not getting acceptance, he decided to separate from them to later create his community with his followers, who would be called the Amish.

For their part, the progressives began their process of adaptation and modernization that led them to join the Mennonites. Of all the Amish communities that emerged, only about 15% became Amish of the old order. Another percentage became radical Mennonites, and another small part left the community.

What are the lifestyle and religious beliefs of an Amish?

For the most part, all Amish Village communities have a similar doctrine in which they maintain their Christian beliefs. They base their practices on the radicalization of Mennonite doctrine.

Members belonging to Amish groups maintain a simple life. In which their clothing, transport, and work are allusive to the eighteenth century. The Amish have their lives away from society. Creating settlements away from the big cities. Members seek health, family prayer, love of God, and teamwork for the community.

In relation to their code of conduct, the Amish are usually quite strict about it. It is a patriarchal society in which women’s rights are much degraded. Women must set aside their interests. Put your church, your family, and the community as your main interest.

When they are single, women must faithfully obey their fathers. And once they get married, they must complete submission to their husbands.

Five curiosities about the Amish

  • If an Amish decides to leave the community, he completely breaks all ties that bind him to his family and friends. Therefore you cannot see them again.
  • This group of Amish completely rejects technology, and only some communities have electricity and a telephone, which is used only in emergencies.
  • When an Amish man marries, he should let his beard grow as a symbol of respect and commitment to his family and community.
  • Amish children receive their education within the community. They attend until adolescence and do not attend university careers since the doctrine does not allow it.
  • The Amish completely reject violence. Anti-military ideology in which they eliminate any element that refers to the army.

It is to be admired how the Lancaster Amish can stay away from the great city of New York — leading his life in the style of the eighteenth or nineteenth century. Without needing to join modern behaviors or rely on technology.

The Amish community of Lancaster

Among the best known Amish communities in the United States is the Amish community of Lancaster near New York. It is very common to see traditional carriages in Lancaster County. The Amish are transported, in addition to children playing with hats and farmers working on their farms only with hand tools.

This community exists a well-known settlement of Amish. Which even has a farm museum. You can learn about their customs and traditions through our TOUR excursion to Philadelphia from the farm of a typical Amish family.

We can also find different restaurants. In which dishes prepared by the Amish are served with the fruits of their crops. Which do not contain any type of chemical or artificial fertilizer.

However, the Amish lead their lives normally in this community. Therefore, when visiting this county, we can see this religious group perform their usual daily activities.