One Day Tour of Washington DC


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Pick up at the Hotel

We meet early at the entrance of the pickup hotels: Millenium Broadway, Pennsylvania, or The Manhattan at Times Square. You must wait for us at the closest to your accommodation. We will start our Washington DC one day tour from New York to Washington by bus, crossing the bridge along the Hudson River to leave Manhattan.
On the way from New York to Washington, we pass through several states such as New Jersey. The distance between New York and Washington is 226.2 miles, about 365 miles south.

Stop for Breakfast

That is why we make a rest stop in the state of Delaware, before arriving in Washington for a one-day tour plan We will continue our journey through a part of the state of Maryland and its most important city Baltimore until we finish our trip in Washington DC

Arlington National Cemetery

We will begin our tour of the state of Virginia through the Pentagon until we reach the Arlington National Cemetery. It is there were accompanied by our guide; we will walk to the tomb of the Kennedy. We will leave the cemetery towards the Iwo Jima monument, where we will stop to take pictures.

Excursion to Washington DC

We will accompany you throughout the excursion with all the interesting details. We will tour the most important monuments and recognized movie scenarios. We will know stories and curiosities of the city and making the necessary stops to take photos.
Then we will cross the Potomac River that separates Virginia with the city of Washington. We will arrive at Avenida de la Constitución, where important buildings are located. State Department, Peace Institute, the National Association of Pharmaceuticals, and Albert Einstein Monument in front of the National Academy of Sciences.

Memorial Park in Washington

We will arrive at Memorial Park, and we will walk accompanied by our guide through the places that have been scenes of movies and series. Korean War Memorial, President Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam War Memorial.
We will continue through the Reflective Pool, famous for the movie Forrest Gump. Until reaching more visited monuments like “World War II” and the Washington Obelisk, the tallest structure in the city.
We will continue through the OAS, the American Red Cross, Vice Presidency, Department of the Treasury, and bordering the gardens of the White House, where we will have time to take pictures.

The White House and the Capitol

We cross the main avenue, where we will find several buildings. Treasury, Ministry of Justice, the FBI, the National Archives, National Gallery, National History Museum, among others, until arriving at the Museum of Air and Space. This is one of the main features of our one day tour in Washington DC
Then you will have free time for lunch, take photos of the Capitol and enter the National Air and Space Museum.

Return to New York

On the way back, we will have a stop halfway, and if the weather conditions allow, we will make an extra stop before entering New York.

For extra in New Jersey

We will appreciate the impressive city of New York at night. We also have a dedicated night excursion. We can take pictures of the illuminated Manhattan panorama as it appears on the postcards.

This is how you can tour Washington DC in one day the perfect viaje de un día a Washington DC.

Meeting Point

Pick-up Hotels

Hotel The Manhattan

Times Square7th avenue between 51st and 52nd streets
Pickup Time: 5:50 AM


Hotel Pennsylvania

7th avenue between 32nd and 33rd streets
Pick up time: 6:00 AM


Millennium Times Square Hotel

45th Street between Sixth and 7th avenue
Pick up Time: 6:10 AM


How to Book?

  1. Pick the date for our one day tour in Washington DC.
  2. Enter your basic information on the form including the hotel where you want is to pick you up, if you not sure yet please contact us by email or chat.
  3. Select pay in Full for your reservation or a 30% deposit with the balance  to be collected by our guide on tour.
  4. Enter your credit information and Submit

❯ IMPORTANT If you choose to pay 30%, the remaining payment must be paid at the end of the excursion to the guide in cash without surcharge or with card and 5% surcharge.

❯ NEW RESERVATION SERVICE Now you can also RESERVE by Whatsapp Tell us the name of the excursion and your details to make the reservation.

Washington Tour from New York

Washington DC is the capital of the United States with a large number of memorials, foreign embassies, museums, large universities, and historic neighborhoods. It has one of the busiest airports in the world. It is next to New York, the most visited city by tourists. The Plan de viaje de un día a Washington DC can become a lift time memory for you if you bring Inter Travel NYC to design, plan and execute this amazing tour for you.

The Excursion to Washington from New York is the most reserved in NY Interventions. We offer you a complete one-day tour, in which we will visit the capital of the United States.

We will take a guided tour of the city center with a professional guide in Spanish. The White House, the Capitol, the Arlington Cemetery, the Washington Monument, the Air, and Space Museum. They are some of the many monuments and buildings that will impress you in Washington, DC.

This tour includes the bus transfer that has WIFI, a toilet, and mobile charging points. Entrance fees to the Cemetery, Monuments, Memorials, and Museums are completely free. No food or drink is included.

You cannot miss the opportunity with this tour of visiting Washington from New York.

What to visit in Washington in 1 day?

If you are going to take a one day trip to Washington from New York, explore beyond the Big Apple. This city is the center of political power and where the destiny of the country is handled. As well as that of many other nations. The distance between New York and Washington is 365 kilometers.

Although in the excursion, we will not only see the political sphere. This city has many attractions as there are numerous monuments and places of national interest. It is a center of American history and culture: galleries and several exceptional museums, mostly free.

Enjoy the excursion from New York to Washington in Spanish and a full day. You also can visit Washington from New York on your own. Rent a car or buy round-trip bus tickets, but you’ll miss many details. You will also be accompanied by a group. You will travel that distance from New York to Washington by bus. We always recommend this tour. It makes a difference to visit the most important of the city of Washington.

Curiosities of Washington from New York

  • Many believe it is only the city where the President of the United States lives. For the residents and many visitors, the most spectacular and commemorative of this great city is the National Mall. Known as the National Esplanade. A free area with gardens and long roads full of museums located in downtown Washington.
  • This area is made up of gardens that are surrounded by national monuments and memorials. It covers from the Washington Monument to the Capitol. It was created in 1791 and is one of the most visited tourist places in the city. Every fourth of July (US Independence Day) is celebrated in this place with an impressive fireworks show.

National Mall Monuments

The Washington Monument:

This monument was created of marble, sandstone, and granite, with a height of 170 meters. It was created to commemorate the first president of the United States, George Washington. Until the year 89, it was considered the largest structure in the world.

The Lincoln Memorial:

It is located at the horizontal end of the National Mall. It was created to commemorate President Lincoln. Historically this monument presents many stories and events of great popularity.

The Jefferson Memorial:

It is commemorating the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Monument:

It represents everything that happened at the time of the 32nd President of the United States.

The National World War II Memorial:

A representation of courage and in commemoration of all the fallen of the Second World War.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial:

It represents everything that happened in the Korean war.

The Vietnam Veterans Monument:

It is a commemoration to all those members of the armed forces. They rendered their services and served in the Vietnam War.

The Albert Einstein Monument:

Commemorative statue to this great figure of the United States.


They are the most important monuments in the city of Washington. This city presents a unique variety of tourist centers. Its avenues encompass a wonderful architecture. Not forgetting its buildings and monuments built throughout the city. It presents a variety of neighborhoods from the most modern to the most humble.

It represents one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United States. It has a large number of ethnic neighborhoods and several of the best restaurants. A unique and exotic variety to taste, bars, and urban centers with great architectural works.

Washington landmarks

One of the most visited places in DC is the Capitol, the famous white house. Place of residence of all presidents of the United States. They usually make tours to see certain parts of their facilities. The supreme court and endless government agencies and buildings.

The amount of museums is surprising as the Museum of Air and Space. The African American art and culture museum, the national museum of Indian history and the national museum of American history. The Hirshorn museum and sculpture garden, the international spy museum. The natural history museum and the Holocaust museum. The latter consists of a collection of persecutions in the years of 1933 and 1945 in Europe.

Not forgetting the endless art galleries like the cormorant. The Freer Gallery. The Arthur M. Sackler gallery or the Renwick Gallery, among others. Art, cultural life, history is what most predominates to Washington from New York. Not forgetting to mention the educational buildings.


For those who want to go shopping, the Georgetown district would be their stop. It is not as important as NY, but it does not leave indifferent those who love shopping.


This city so presents a range of three airports. Two for national and urban trips and the Baltimore Washington International Airport. It offers international and national flights. Its means of transport are good and efficient. The subway has easy access from Washington International Airport and many more locations in this beautiful city.

Other attractions and buildings in Washington DC

The famous episcopal cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Also known as “Washington Cathedral.” It is located northwest of DC and was completed in 1990. The National Catholic Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is located in the Catholic University of America, with a great variety of Advocations of the Virgin Mary. Its own church, a crypt and beautiful gardens.

The great camera of engraving and prints is presented, which allows certain incursions into its facilities. It is the place where the money is printed and the famous police institution the FBI. The wonderful thing about this last place is the possibility of having toured in one of its workspaces.

The National Zoo can be found in the Georgetown district. Representing a great variety of animals is for tourists and inhabitants, a tourist alternative.

If you really want to know the root of the United States, you must come to this city. The tours that can be done are wonderful. A few days are not enough to know everything about Washington from New York.

We plan Excurcion de un día en Washington DC with such amazingness that it will make your tour to be cheerful and stunning. Our expert guides and planner will make everything perfectly designed for you.

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