Amish originally from German attire at the group of traditional Christian church fellowships. They were originally from the region of Germany about their significant population currently is in Ohio and Pennsylvania, United States of America. And not to forget they have an entire village in the United States of America that is with Amish people. This Amish Village near Philadelphia is a major attraction for many tourists from inside and outside the country and to make this attraction more interesting we have come out with a list of 10 things that you should explore in the Amish Village near Philadelphia.

  1. Sight and Sound Theatre

This sight and sound theatre is 0.7 miles away from the Amish Village and could be once in a lifetime experience for many people. This theatre hosts some amazing plays and skits for viewers and one of the major experience could be witnessing an amazing play here with the best sound and sight experience that is due to the structure of the theatre.

  1. Strasburg Scooters

Strasburg Scooter is a major attraction for the tourists that are coming here to the Amish Village. These Strasburg scooters can be an interesting and fun-filled activity that could be done on a single or couple basis. You ride the scooters are made different in terms of style and can enjoy the ride to its core. A childish feel will make it all worth it for you.

  1. Country Loft Antiques

Won’t you like to take some souvenirs of the place you visit with you? Well, if you are visiting Amish Village and want some souvenirs from this culture, you should get to the Country Loft Antiques near Amish Village. This will make you explore the historical and cultural souvenirs and items of the Amish. This is another must-visit place of the Amish Village that tourist should go and most of them have liked it for the things that it offers.

  1. Buggy Rides

Buggy rides have been one of the major attractions of many cultures, and Amish Village has got the same. Buggy rides are a major attraction of visiting Amish Village near Philadelphia. These buggy rides are as fun-filled as you like it and it will be an amazing experience for you to get a perfect ride.

  1. American Music Theater

This is another theatre that can experience near Amish Village. This is a music theatre that is named as American Music Theater. If you are a music lover, you can like this experience on the whole. Amazing sound, great artists and a soothing experience are what we have ever seen from the American Music Theater. It gives you a chance to relive the eras of Amish peak.

  1. Old Windmill Farm

Windmill Farms near Amish Village is another exotic experience that you can have on this trip. From horses to cows and other animals, you can witness it all there. The windmill farm will make you witness a life of villager and farm owners if you have never got the experience of it. Also, it will make you enriched with the knowledge of the farm and its other aspects alongside giving you a good time in the Amish Village.

  1. Rail Road Museum

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania is home to a world-class collection of more than 100 historic locomotives and railroad cars, an immersive education centre, a vast library and archives and a working restoration shop. Special events, museum store, free on-site parking, free WiFi and other such facilities. The museum is knowledge expanding experience for most of the visitors.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Near Philadelphia

Hot air balloon is an amazing outdoor activity that people would love to go for, and if you are going near Philadelphia, you can have this activity for you. There is service near Philadelphia that makes you accessible to the Hot Air balloon. It can be a life-changing experience for you and could be the best memory of your tour. Exciting, yet peaceful, it’s perfect for groups, friends and family, or a romantic adventure. Choose a sunrise or sunset adventure as a private or group ride. You’ll enjoy a champagne toast with snacks after the flight. People love touring Lancaster, PA in the hot air balloons.

  1. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm

This is yet another farm that is recommended to be visited if you are going near Amish Village. It is 3 miles away from the village. However, it is the perfect sight for visitors in the blossom season. The cherries make the sight to become amazing and it is an experience that gives visitors some soothing touch in their tour. It is highly recommended by many tour guides as the green lush and cherries add to the beauty of the views.

  1. Mennonite Information Center

A place to come to learn about the Mennonites and Amish of Lancaster County through literature, videos, guided tours, and conversation with a knowledgeable staff person. Also they have a full-scale model of the Biblical Tabernacle on our grounds. This information centre can make your knowledge to be increased about the community, religion and their culture. Exploring the culture and background of a place you visit is the most important thing you do on tour and this is the perfect place to explore the Amish.

These are the 10 things that make you Amish Village tour to be worthy and amazing. This guide is to help you in instances where you are visiting on your own. Moreover, if you need to be guided on Amish Village near Philadelphia tours we at Inter Travel NYC can organize the same for you with excitement and information.

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