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Itinerary Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights


First of all we will meet at one of the two Midtown pickup hotels in Manhattan, near Times Square. Then, we will descend the western part along the Hudson River, learning about its history until we cross the Battery Tunnel that will take us to the Brooklyn district. There is where the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour in New York begins.


We will continue our route to the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour, an Italo-American neighborhood famous for its illuminated houses and gardens. Each year the neighbors compete with each other to make Christmas decorations and illuminations out of the ordinary. So Dyker Heights is one of the most incredible parts of the New York Christmas Lights Tour.

Our guide will tell you everything about the origin and history of this tradition where you will also have free time to walk around the streets and take pictures.


We will get on the bus again to go right to the Brooklyn Bridge, where we will enjoy the different viewpoints of the city. There you will have free time to take pictures of those spectacular views.


On the way back we will take you to Times Square where our excursion ends, there we will give you our recommendations to visit the city and some information about the Christmas lights in NYC Tour.

NYC Christmas Lights Tour

Magic appears when happiness and illusion is shared with people. If you want to live the full experience, you cannot miss our Christmas lights in Dyker Heights.

The tour begins in Lower Manhattan and from there, by bus, we go to Brooklyn, to soak up the Christmas spirit, on the bus we put Christmas carols and themed movies.

When you arrive at Dyker Heights Christmas Lights bus tour, you will not give credit to what lies ahead! Some of the lush decorations cost more than $20.000 USD.

Christmas Lights Tour in Dyker Heights

If you have already decided to do the New York Christmas Lights Tour in Dyker Heights, we want to congratulate you; you will take the best gift of your life. This experience is not bought, it is lived.

As soon as the Christmas season begins, every street and Avenue of the city lights up, but at Dyker Heights, in Brooklyn, there are authentic competitions between neighbors for their home decorations.

Since 1895, Dyker Heights has been known as a wealthy neighborhood, full of luxury houses into a suburban community. Each house has driveways and private yards, something that is really uncommon in New York.

Everything started sometime in the 1980´s, but in 1985 the New York Christmas Lights Tour officially began, touring through the most illuminated neighborhoods in the city like Bensonhurst, Canarsie, Bay Ridge, and, obviously, Dyker Heights. Since then, there have been some reports, newspaper articles, documentaries and news programs, talking about the marvelous lighting in Dyker Heights, so the visits increased and more and more neighbors joined the celebration.

They work for weeks to prepare for this tradition, with investments over 20 thousand dollars per house, and for that same reason, its size and uniqueness will not leave you indifferent. In fact, most of the house owners hire local professional decorators to make, ready for the season, the facades and interiors of their houses.

There are 2 houses that have always had the crown over, first of all there is Lucy Spata´s house (1152 on 85th Street) that, for 30 years, has maintained its idea of ​​having the most decorated Christmas house in history with a Santa theme, but there is also Alfred Polizzotto´s house (at 1145 84th St) that keeps a Nutcracker style.

Dyker Heights Christmas tour

What happened then? Well, the Christmas spirit was transmitted through the rest of the neighbors and a contest has been developed for choosing the best decorated house. That’s why during Christmas, Dyker Heights neighbors create the most curious and unique decorations for the perfect NYC Christmas Lights Tour.

Now, a big question comes to our minds, does it have something to do with Danny DeVito’s “A Neighbor with Little Lights” movie? We don´t know, but how about a Dyker Heights Christmas lights tour in this atmosphere, it will possibly add a touch of sparkle in your tour around New York.

Celebrating Christmas in the big city

New York is a city full of plans for each day of the week, especially during the Christmas season. The city brightens even more than usual, the store showcases are filled with season candies and red and white decorations, and the environment becomes festive, the Christmas lights take over the streets and the people smile more than usual.

For many people, visiting NYC during Christmas is like a dream, and we agree about it, because magic takes over the place and in InterTravel NYC we want to share it with you.

Do you already hear the christmas bells? Get ready, grab a hot drink in your hands, and write down what you like most about this New York guide to spend the best Christmas ever.

When do the christmas lights come on in New York?

The right date will be after Thanksgiving, at the end of November. But, something incredible happens in New York that frames the celebration from start to finish. In fact, if we ask you, what is the most important object of Christmas, what would you say?

The tree, of course, but not just any tree, it is the New York Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center, it measures between 23 and 27 meters long, 8 wide and shines with 8 kilometers of lights.

As a matter of fact, while most of the decorations have gone out right after the new years eve, this Christmas tree remains until the first week of January, as the official end of the Christmas season.


There is another magnificent tree in the city, it is lit on December 1st at 6:00 p.m. in the cozy Bryant Park, where you could also enjoy several ice skating shows and live music. It is also the only FREE ice skating rink, which is the main reason why it is so crowded.

If you do not have skates, you can rent them right on the place.


  • December 24 at night
  • December 25, Christmas day
  • December 31, New Year’s Eve,
  • The family for New Yorkers is very important, so many businesses close early to attend the New Year’s Eve dinner.
  • January 1, New Year’s Day

Many attractions are open, take advantage of the day to walk around and see some of the craziest events such as the PolarDip Freezing Bath in icy water on the Coney Island Boardwalk. You can also climb the Top of the Rock.

Meeting Point Dyker Heights Christmas Tour

Pick-up Hotels

For a better organization of the Dyker Height Christmas Tour, we have selected 2 Collection hotels in the center of Manhattan. We will indicate you the closest to your accommodation and meet you at the address at the indicated time. The pick up hotels are:

Hotel Pennsylvania

7th Avenue between 32nd and 33rd streetsPick up time: 16:00


Hotel Row NYC

8th Avenue between 44th and 45th streetsPick up time: 16:30


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    We were truthly pleasantly surprised by this tour, both for the service and for the Christmas light show.

  2. Frank

    If you travel during Christmas time, this tour is highly recommended. Touring the neighborhood and seeing all the decoration of the houses is really beautiful.

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