If you are in the Big Apple and want to try a unique and different experience, which you will remember forever, take a break and get out of the routine with a Niagara Falls One Day Tour from New York. This tour will allow you to experience something really fascinating near one of the wonders of the world.

Niagara Falls is located on the border between Canada and the United States. With a depth of 54 meters and a width of 1000 meters, added to its exuberance, they have made it one of the most visited natural attractions in the world. Also, according to the time of year in which you decide to visit it you will see a different natural spectacle.

To make this excursion something phenomenal, you should take into account some tips when planning your trip, so you will avoid situations out of control.

How to get to Niagara Falls?

If you decide to take the New York to Niagara Falls bus tour for 1 day, we recommend you to do it with an organized group that has the experience needed for this kind of expedition, so, in addition to having transportation, they will teach you the different essential points of the visit.

Practical Tips for Visiting Niagara FallsThe bus tour is approximately 6 hours long each way, or you can also go by plane in a 1-hour trip. The decision is yours, however here we leave you a good option to choose: Trip to Niagara Falls from NYC

What to see in Niagara Falls

Once you are in the place, you cannot ignore the following activities:

  • Go under the falls on the Maid of the Mist boat.
  • Tour the tunnels behind the falls with the “Journey behind the falls” plan.
  • See the Horseshoe Falls, the horseshoe shape that encompasses the falls.
  • Visit the Goat Island lookout.
  • Stop by the Cave of the Winds to see the Bridal Veil Falls.
  • Enjoy the view, from the Canadian side, at Table Rock.


If you are staying in Niagara Falls, we recommend you to make a reservation in advance, especially if you travel in high season when the demand for hotels exceeds the supply and makes it almost impossible to find an available room. Take the time to schedule your visit, review the available hotels and choose the one that best suits your plan so you can have a wonderful excursion.


Keep in mind the season when you plan to make your trip, because even though any month of the year is interesting, it depends a lot on your tastes, interests and budget. In addition, according to the weather and the state of the river, some attractions will be disabled, besides sometimes the influx of public is greater, and hotel prices begin to change.

The high season is in summer, between June and August, so the visits increase for being the vacation season. However, the weather is perfect, the falls produce a mist that are part of a complete show and the attractions are fully available, but the prices of the hotels are through the roof and there are long lines to access any attraction.

In autumn, from September to December, the temperature remains below 68 ° F, therefore the visitors and, likewise, the hotel rates decrease. Autumn is considered a romantic season since the influx of people has dropped significantly, and makes it easier to access the attractions. In addition, the forests turn on a typical color of the time, making the environment as attractive as the waterfalls themselves.

What You Need to Know Before Your Trip to Niagara FallsIn winter, from December to February, the influx of people is minimal given that the temperature is also low. In this season some of the attractions are closed due to the freezing of the river, but the hotels have the most comfortable rates. Despite becoming an area rarely visited these days, winter makes the fall show some natural spectacles joined by ice and frozen mist, something that for some may be striking and worthy of admiration.

In spring, between March and May, the first months tend to be very cold and there is still ice on the river, so mid-May is when the attractions are 100% resumed. In this season you can enjoy the parks that surround the falls as they begin to bloom, and take advantage of the time to take bike rides or enjoy festivals and fireworks shows.

Additional attractions

In addition to seeing the scenery offered by the Niagara Falls tour from New York City, you can take a helicopter ride over the area, take advantage of Clifton Hill and its plans to hang out, and tour the wineries and vineyards of the region. Find out all about these additional plans as soon as you are planning your trip, so you can book early and take a better price.

Passage between Canada and USA

If you want to do the complete excursion, it is necessary to have the required papers to cross the border (passport, pet permit, etc.), in this way you can spend some time seeing the landscape from the American side, full of forests and nature reserves, to then cross the border and tour the falls from the Canadian side, full of commerce.

If the visit to the falls is a single day, we recommend you to cross the border by the pedestrian bridge, since the vehicular bridge usually presents traffic jams at certain hours. But if your plan is to stay there for several days, the vehicular option is ideal for you.


The Niagara Falls have no restrictions for visitors, are 24 hours open and available to the public, so it’s a matter of you to plan and organize what you want to do and what you want to see. For attractions, it is better to go early in the morning, to avoid lines; or find a cruise ship that sails during nightfall, the busiest time.

All you need to know before traveling to Niagara Falls


You will find world-renowned restaurant chains (Hard Rock Café, Ihop, Wendy’s, etc.), or also proposals for tasty restaurants in the different hotels or in Niagara on The Lake. There you choose if you will go for something you already know or bet on trying new flavors.

The indispensable

Check the weather that will be during the days of your visit to choose the appropriate clothing, bring sunscreen – it is essential – as well as an umbrella or a raincoat to use when the breeze from the falls suddenly arrives. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes, the walks can be long.



We hope that these tips will help you plan a good Trip to Niagara Falls from NYC, remember that many of the plans that exist are totally in Spanish, so you can appreciate the place while you understand everything that the tour guide has to teach.

Get ready to enjoy this great trip and let us take you on a tour full of a great natural wonder.


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