Political events are not the only fashionable activity in the capital of the United States, as the night scene of the city also becomes fiery in certain areas of it. In order to bring you some fun, today we set out to introduce you to some of the best dance clubs in Washington for you to have fun on a night off.

Once you take a Day trip to DC from NYC, you walk through the streets of the capital during the day and visit the most emblematic monuments and buildings, but when the night comes you should take the opportunity to visit one, or several, of the best dance clubs or Nightclubs where the most famous DJ´s and live acts play the most popular rhythms. Have a drink and let the party begin!

1. SAX

Best Nightclubs in Washington DCThe high rankings are due to the Moulin Rouge atmosphere that this sumptuous restaurant and late-night lounge has. Get into the first-floor open space with a 60-foot-high ceiling and gaze at ornate chandeliers, gold accents, and Versailles-inspired tables as the mix of House and top ’40 music entertains you. The highlights of SAX are their live performances from a 20 foot enclosed stage above the first floor bar. So dress up in fashion and go to this place, don’t let anyone tell you that DC is boring!

2. Eighteenth Street Lounge

Imagine dancing in a spectacular mansion with flattering lighting and comfortable classic seating, with your significant other or best friends, in Northwest DC. Well, clearly, we are talking about the Eighteenth Street Lounge, a bar that has a relaxed space and a welcoming atmosphere that keeps locals and visitors coming back. It currently has five rooms to satisfy different tastes:

  • The main room
  • The Gold room
  • The Jazz bar
  • The Studio bar and…
  • Deck Bar

Additionally, those wishing to dance to salsa or reggae will be pleased by the occasional live band performance. Without a doubt, this is a place that you cannot miss during your Day Trip to Washington DC from NYC.

3. Bossa Bistro + Lounge

It’s not a mega club, but Latin dance lovers love this low-lit, bohemian space. Generally, you will find Brazilian tapas here along with musical and cultural events, but the real party starts on Friday and Saturday nights when Latin bands play live salsa music, on the first floor, along with other musical rhythms that are occasionally released. Join dancers of all skill levels, including beginners, just be aware that the cozy dance floor can get hot and crowded on busy nights.

You can also venture to visit the second floor, to enjoy other events that are also part of the menu. And, when you reach your dancing limit, take a break at the downstairs bar and order a Caipirinha to help you catch your breath.

4. POV at W Washington DC

THE BEST Dance Clubs in WashingtonThis hotel boasts unparalleled views of the cityscape, including the Washington Monument and the White House. On warmer nights, the rooftop views are unobstructed, fabulous, and ideal for taking in the capital’s skyline. The ‘casual sophistication’ dress code applies after 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, so be sure to dress properly. Overall, POV is a must-see for those who yearn for spectacular nighttime views, along with a good drink and great music.

5. Citron Coffee

Known simply as “Citron” to the regulars, this colorful and welcoming place constantly serves dishes such as empanadas, ceviches and calamari, but after 10 pm it becomes a fabulous dance club that shines with purple, blue and red lighting (varies by floor), and tons of lively customers. Citron keeps you energetic and ready to enjoy the best music, as there you find three levels of fun at your disposal, with the DJs spinning Latin House, Latin pop and reggaeton, with some interwoven salsa and bachata.

6. Decades

The Best Nightclubs in WashingtonLovers of nostalgic music should take careful note of this place, as it is perfect if you crave the sounds of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Decades is a 10,000 square foot space that has dedicated floors for each of these musical “decades,” hence its name. The experience begins on the first level where the DJ, from a booth covered with CDs, plays the most popular hits from the 2000s to the present. The second floor is all about the 90s, sometimes even the cozy acts that defined that decade. On the third floor you find yourself with a gold theme to delight in the sounds of hip-hop of the 80s and, to finish, take a look at the “Bling Room”. As a bonus, the fourth level, recently opened in a rooftop space, is a classic Miami-style club. So go ahead… It’s really fabulous!

7. The Park at Fourteenth

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays come for happy hour or come to dinner, either way, come and stay for the dance. Well, on four separate floors you can enjoy good music that includes hip-hop, R&B, top 40 and even reggae. The elegant wood-paneled space is just steps from the K Street Corridor, so dress to impress, as there are many doormen at the entrance who reserve the right of admission.


Among the different offers that Washington DC has for your fun, you will find from super luxury destinations to places that serve a more relaxed public, so among the many options we assure you that you will find the perfect one to suit the occasion.

Whether you have a lot of time in the city or simply your visit is for a day, whether it is an Day Trip to Washington DC from New York, a business trip or a vacation trip, do not forget to enjoy these wonderful options to make your nights an unbeatable experience.

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