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Tips enjoy niagara falls

Tips to enjoy Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful natural borders in the world, but something more attractive than its immensity is the huge volume of water, about 2800 cubic meters per second, that falls from there naturally and permanently, without decreasing the water volume even in winter or summer, as it would be expected.

There are two ways to get to this destination, you could arrive directly to Canada or do it from the United States, whatever your choice is you can cross to the other side of the border carrying your passport and the occasional permit. However, the most common plan is to take a Niagara Falls day trip from New York, since it allows you to meet other destinations along the way and visit the place in just one day, saving you money on accommodation, time and additional transportation.

The falls become a visual spectacle for the assistants in any season of the year, still it is important to be clear about some details that will help you to have a great time. Below we share a few tips for enjoying the Niagara Falls the perfect way:


Fortunately, being able to enjoy this natural spectacle is still completely free, so don’t be fooled by unscrupulous people. In any case, the attractions that have been created around it, thanks to the volume of visitors, do have a cost.

In fact, the Canadian area has been proclaimed as the Las Vegas of Canada, so you can imagine what it is about. By the way, at each border of the falls you will find different options of hotels, restaurants and attractions with variable prices and availability according to the season.


Two of the most common ways to get to the falls are from New York (USA) or from Toronto (Canada).

If you plan to do it from NYC you can take the 63 train from Penn Station to the Niagara Falls town, as you can choose between visiting the Canadian or American side this train makes a first stop in Niagara Falls in the USA and then in Niagara Falls in Ontario, the Ticket value costs close to $ 90 USD. You can also take a Greyhound bus direct to Niagara Falls or, if you prefer to save some money and go without haste, you can take a Megabus to Buffalo and then another to Niagara Falls.

Practical Tips for Visiting Niagara Falls

Another option, highly recommended, is to travel on a Niagara Falls Tour from New York where you travel in a private vehicle with your family and other excursion attendees. The travel agency picks you up at your hotel in NYC and takes you directly to the Falls without problems, without spending more and with an expert guide who gives you details about the history of each visited place. For only $ 169 USD per person you can spend vacations in Niagara Falls, travel quietly and comfortably. Make a reservation clicking here.

If you choose to travel from Toronto you can do it by bus in a 3 hours journey, the most popular companies are Megabus, Go Transit and Greyhound. In summer you can travel by train through WeGo Train, the value of the tour is approximately $ 30 CAD, it includes a round trip ticket with unlimited access to the WeGo tourist buses for 2 days, ideal for spending a weekend and visiting the attractions of the area.


You will be able to find all kinds of hotels, from hostels and Bed & Breakfasts to 4 and 5-star hotels, but regardless of the type of accommodation you prefer, it is ideal that you make a prior reservation, especially if you travel in high season, since the volume of tourists is such that prices go up and the availability of accommodation becomes limited.


Getting around Niagara Falls is simple, it all depends on your taste and needs. For example, you can rent a bike – at your hotel or at shared bike stations -, walk on short trips, ride the WeGo bus network or take a taxi.


As we mentioned before, there are many attractions designed to amuse tourists and get them into the wonder of the falls, therefore there are passes that give you access to everything for a very good price. Some of the included attractions are:

  • Entrance to the Niagara Adventure Theater where a film about the myths, legends and reality of the falls is shown.
  • Excursion through the Cave of the Winds, where you will walk a path to the base of the “Bridal Veil Falls”.
  • Excursion on the Maid of the Mist, a boat that sails to the base of the “Horseshoe Falls”.
  • Visit and access to the trails of the Niagara George Discovery Center, a land that surrounds the area with natural trails.
  • Entrance to the Niagara Aquarium where you will see up to 1,500 marine animals.

It is worth mentioning that these attractions are only available from April to October, during this period the weather is conducive to doing all kinds of activities.

Best tips to visit Niagara FallsBeside the plans that are included in the access passes, you can also consider:

  • To observe the falls from the 236-meter-high observation tower, perfect for those who prefer to avoid getting wet but still want to enjoy the view.
  • To do zipline over the falls, passing over them at 70 kilometers per hour, an excellent option for the more adventurous.
  • Having a helicopter ride to enjoy the view.
  • To enjoy the sunset at the falls, so you will see a light show on the water and fireworks.


You have a 90% chance of getting your clothes wet, therefore it is advisable that you bring change clothes and comfortable shoes for long walks. Also, bring a rain suit to use when you hike the trails at Bridal Veil Falls.


Traveling with children always demands a lot of your attention, as they can easily get lost in the crowd. However, Niagara Falls is a spectacle that they can also take advantage of and these are some of the attractions designed for them or to enjoy with the family:

  • Visit the Butterfly House with more than 2000 specimens.
  • Have a cable car ride.
  • Visit the Fallview Indoor Waterparck, during summer.
  • Enjoy games on the Great Canadian Midway.


If you have arrived in the USA from a country with an ESTA agreement, you DO NOT require an entry visa, you may only have your passport stamped in the USA. But keep in mind that if you go in a rented car you must have a card stamped by the rental company.

If you arrive from a country without an agreement, you must have a visa. Get advice from the Canadian embassy in your country.

Best ways to enjoy the Niagara Falls

If you will get to Canada by plane, from the USA, you will need an eTA authorization which is obtained on its official website.


If you are passionate about photography and you always want to take a great memory with you on your camera or on your social networks, these are the best places to get a good shot:

  • Rainbow bridge
  • Walk on the shores of the Falls (Canada)
  • From the Cruise
  • The viewpoint at the end of the tunnel in the Journey Behind the Fall
  • Goat Island (USA)


  • Bring a hat and sunscreen, especially in the summer.
  • If you travel in winter, bring gloves, a jacket and a hat.
  • Load a bottle with water, this can be filled in several troughs in the area.
  • Avoid using the rails to sit, it is better to prevent accidents.
  • Take your camera or your phone tied up, the chances of them falling down is very high since there are many people trying to take the perfect photo at the same time.
  • Protect your camera or phone with a waterproof lining so you can get great photos and keep your gear intact.

To finish this article, we recommend you to plan your trip in advance, so you can take advantage of the best rates and hotel availability. Whether you choose to travel on your own or prefer to take a guided excursion to Niagara Falls from New York, we are sure you will love this destination. It will capture your attention.


CTA Niagara

Rocky Steps And Rocky Statue in Philadelphia

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More than 40 years ago, in 1976, the film Rocky was released. It tells the story of an Italian-American boxer (Rocky Balboa) who pursues the American dream and fights to become the best heavyweight boxer while he struggles for the love of a woman.

The film was starred and written by Sylvester Stallone, being it the film work that made him a movie star. Rocky won 3 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and 1 Golden Globe, in addition to being nominated for other 32 awards in different categories.

It has, undoubtedly, been one of the films printed in the memory of thousands of people who have let Philadelphia know how big is their love for Rocky. Since this city is the location where the entire saga was recorded, every year, hundreds of tourists gather in Philly to personify the most popular scene, the one running up the stairs of the Museum of Modern Art.

The setting appears in the first Rocky movie, however it gained fame in the sequel thanks to a scene where the main actor runs through the Philadelphia streets, as part of his training, then he runs up the museum stairs until he reaches the top where he raises his arms while the song “Gonna Fly Now” plays in the background. Since then, the stairs adopted the name of “The Rocky Steps” and became an emblematic location for the city, even more than the museum itself.

The fame that the Rocky Steps gained thanks to the first two films made the entire saga use this place as scenery, so it has also appeared in Rocky III, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa and Creed. In all of them the main character runs up to the rhythm of the song and raises his arms when he reaches the top, just in the same way as all the tourists and locals who join the challenge do. It has turned into something iconic.

Rocky Steps And Statue in Philadelphia

On your next trip to Philadelphia from New York we recommend you visit this location, even if you are not a fan of the movie, you will surely dare to take on the challenge of running up the stairs. There you will feel that you have reached a new achievement and you will not miss the celebration selfie.

Besides, if you arrive at the place in order to celebrate just like Rocky did, take the opportunity to visit the Museum of Modern Art and enjoy the great skyline view, from that spot you can appreciate the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Philadelphia City Hall and the Eakins Oval.

Rocky has his own statue

In order to immortalize the famous scene, in 1983 Sylvester Stallone had a life-size bronze statue of Rocky manufactured to promote the film Rocky III. Once the statue was installed, it was first placed at the top of the stairs which dramatically increased the arrival of tourists, so the museum decided to put the sculpture at the bottom of the stairs to promote the visit to the museum, in addition to running and taking the photo or video. However, this didn’t happen most of the time since people came to the place only to recreate the scene without visiting the museum.

Rocky Statue and Rocky Steps

The statue location created some discord in the city, so the population decided to install it in the Philadelphia Spectrum Arena, but in 1990, following the premiere of Rocky V, it was temporarily returned to its original location, and then did it again in 2006 to celebrate Rocky’s 31st anniversary. Since then, the statue has a new permanent location right next to the famous staircase.

FUN FACT: 2 statues were manufactured, the first is the one located next to the museum facilities and the other was put up for auction in order to raise funds for the Sport and Olympic History International Institute, the initial price was 5 million dollars but shortly after they had to lower it to 1 million. At the end, it was never sold.

Once you get to the top of the stairs, on the floor there is a pair of footprints of the sports shoes that Rocky used when he was training, this in order to pay tribute to the character and the artist who recovered the tourist life in Philadelphia.

The excitement of the film was such that, in 2015, the Philadelphia director of commerce assured that Stallone and his character are the ones who have done the most for the city after Benjamin Franklin, since they managed to highlight the city on the map, promoting trade, tourism and the local economy.



If you choose to take a day trip to Philadelphia from New York, or visit the oldest city in the United States as a vacation or work journey, take the opportunity to take a walk through the streets of the city and go up to the main entrance of the museum. We assure that, in addition to being a pleasant experience, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant view and visit one of the most important museums in the city. Are you up for the challenge?


CTA Philadelphia



stores you must visit in New York

14 stores you must visit in New York

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As soon as you stand on the streets of the Big Apple you will see a place full of design, creativity and fashion, especially in Manhattan. In fact, by having a day or night tour in New York, you will have the opportunity to see the magic around NYC and meet its most popular destinations, and then you should take the time to visit a few stores that will capture your full attention. It doesn’t matter if you don’t visit the stores with the intention of buying; just seeing, tasting and enjoying so much creativity will fill you .

Most of the time, when you hear about “stores to visit in New York’‘ you may think about fashion, but actually there is so much variety in the rest of the options that the technology, food and jewelry stores are also incredibly captivating.

Here we will share a few places that you will not be able to miss in the Big Apple. In case you need help for a quick location, consult with our guides who carry out the tours in New York, they are always willing to provide you the best possible advice.

That said, let’s start with our shopping tour of the best public establishments to go Shopping in the Big Apple.

If your plan is to go shopping in the city and enjoy the sales, it is ideal that you schedule the dates close to the most special celebrations in the country as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and even Halloween. But, you may know that the most anticipated date, by visitors and locals, is the famous Black Friday when prices fall exorbitantly, it is celebrated on the last Friday of November, although sometimes it usually lasts throughout the weekend. In this case, the places you should visit are :


best places to shop in New YorkConsidered the largest department store in the world, with 6 floors waiting for you, Macy’s offers all kinds of products at very affordable prices, making it one of the most visited stores by residents and tourists. There you will find all kinds of accessories, clothing, footwear, makeup and jewelry, for both men and women, it also allows wholesale or retail purchases.


It is a store that offers great temptations to buyers, since there are designer products at very low prices, there are even those who think that instead of making a typical purchase what they are doing is an investment, since the prices of the available products can turn out to be really over the top compared to other stores.


Also known as “the best kept secret in town”, this department store has designer items at great prices, all authentic and original products. Unlike the previous stores, in Century 21 you may not find the same discounts but the variety of products is much greater, however they are not as affordable prices although if you really want an original product and a little more comfortable for your pocket, do not hesitate to visit it, for example you can find a $ 7,000 dollars coat on $ 1,500 dollars.


Currently it is a store that can be found in different countries of the world, however, we must keep in mind, and be realistic, that the merchandise displayed in the USA is the trend of the moment, so surely there will be products that will take time to arrive. to other countries or they may never do. Forever 21 has several stores around the city, but the one that attracts the most is the one in Times Square, it is so flashy that the service runs until 2:00 am.


NYC Shopping GuideIt is a shopping center that exhibits stores owned by great designers and fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, among others. It is so big that we recommend you to dedicate a whole day to go through it all, although if you prefer you can have a clear objective and go directly for it, so you can make the most of the rest of your day.

Actually in New York you can find a special store for almost every known brand, like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co, GAP, Levi’s or Victoria’s Secret. But, if you want to visit a store just for seeing its decoration or to see what type of products they offer, we recommend:


Whether you’re a basketball fan or just curious, the NBA Store is dedicated to offering tribute to this legendary sport. Regardless of which team you are a fan of, there you will find clothing from the Knicks or the Chicago Bulls, uniforms, accessories, souvenirs and other details that will catch you. We think that probably you will get away with at least one purchase from this place.


It is a jewelry store that became very famous a few years ago when the actress Audrey Hepburn wanted to have breakfast surrounded by her diamonds. Their prices are from another world but you can still get in and take a look at their pieces of art carved in gold and diamonds. Although if your budget is not enough to take one of their jewels you can surely have a coffee surrounded by them in The Blue Box Café restaurant, located on the fourth floor of the store, the value of the breakfast is almost $ 30 dollars.


It is an ideal place for photography and video fans. The store is recognized for its quality of service (100% personalized) but also for the variety and innovation of their products.

9. M & M’s

Where to Go Shopping in NYCIt does not matter if you are not a fan of sweets, at M & M’s you can have a colorful and chocolaty experience, because you can taste each of its many flavors passing from color to color. Finding the store is very simple, its facade has a giant and colorful screen that immediately will catch your attention.


The Disney store is kind of a time machine thanks to the mythical representation of all of its films, even leaving aside the fairy tale princesses and putting up all kinds of products about Star Wars or Marvel superheroes.


Since 1932 Lego has fascinated young and old people with its small pieces and its great brick creations, in fact, in the Times Square Lego Store there is an exact replica of Rockefeller Center. Although this store is not very big, yet it is ideal to find spectacular souvenirs.


The Housing Work has an old factory decoration that makes something captivating about this bookstore, where besides reading a book you can sit down and drink a coffee comfortably. Among its library you can find a very wide collection of books, sorted by genre, publishers and writers.


New York ShoppingThe HBO store is a complete sensation thanks to the massive and crazy obsession we have for TV series; an obsession in which HBO has been highly involved thanks to its great productions such as The Sopranos, Sex & the City, Chernobyl or, the acclaimed, Game of Thrones. In this store you can find all kinds of accessories related to your favorite TV series.


The official Nintendo store, located in Rockefeller Center, has about 1,000 square meters dedicated to entertainment and video games, where you will find everything from clothing and accessories to the latest in video games and exclusive brand hardware. In addition, they regularly host tournaments, demos and launches of their new products.



Depending on your shopping habits, in one or two days you can visit all these stores. All of them are an interesting option even if you are just checking out the place or if you want to be surprised by the impressive offers. Enjoy your tour around New York at night and get to know the most outstanding places in the city joined by expert guides.


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famous movies that were filmed in Washington

9 Famous Movies Filmed in Washington D.C.

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If you are in love with the most emblematic city in the United States and you are also a movie lover, you are going to love this article!

Washington DC has served as a set of fascinating films. The Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, among others, are places that everyone may visit in a one day tour to Washington from New York, since those places have been part of the intrigues and conspiracies of the seventh art.

Keep reading this post with us and meet 9 famous movies filmed in the DC streets. And after that, create your own list of the favorite places to visit in your next Washington trip from New York.

1. Forrest Gump, 1994

movies filmed in WashingtonThe story describes the life of Forrest Gump, a boy with a slight mental and motor disability who, despite everything, became a heroic character during the Vietnam War. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when Tom Hanks, the lead actor in this film, is running in the reflecting pool of the Lincoln Memorial right in the Washington Obelisk direction. This sequence, which was engraved in the memory of moviegoers, is one of the places to visit in Washington that, for sure, you cannot miss.

2. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939

blockbuster movies filmed in Washington D.CIt is a dramatic comedy film, directed by Frank Capra and starring Jean Arthur, James Stewart and Claude Rains. It deals with the politics of the United States which led it to be nominated for 11 categories of the Academy Awards, winning as the best adapted screenplay. In 1989, the film was considered culturally, historically and aesthetically significant, for being recorded in one of the most visited places in Washington DC, the United States Library of Congress.

3. The Silence of the Lambs, 1991

Films set in Washington StateReleased in 1991 and directed by Jonathan DemmeIt, The Silence of the Lambs is a horror thriller film based on the story of Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist who is also a serial killer and cannibal. Although the film was mostly filmed in Florence, it was also partly filmed in the historic city of the United States. Another reason why the Library of Congress has become one of the places to visit in Washington, and one of the places that may be in your itinerary.

4. All the President’s Men, 1976

Films shot in WashingtonAll the President’s Men tells us about the famous “Watergate” scandal investigation, which caused Richard Nixon to resign as President of the United States. Two reporters from the Washington Post investigated a political issue that apparently has little importance, but at the end they uncover a dirty issue that involves the White House and the president of the nation himself. In this film, several scenes were shot in the Library of Congress and the White House, both located in the nation’s capital.

5. The Exorcist, 1973

movies in WashingtonThis horror film tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who has strange behaviors by going through a demonic possession. Her worried mother seeks the help of a local priest who requests to perform an exorcism.

One of the most terrifying scenes of the movie was shot on a staircase in Georgetown, it was also the movie poster and, since the film, it turned out to be a new “icon of the district”. From this well-deserved recognition the staircase will long remain as a favorite destination for residents and tourists.

6. JFK, 1991

Glorious Movies Filmed in WashingtonThe film features the investigation into President John F. Kennedy assassination , led by Jim Garrison, a New Orleans District Attorney. After the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, Garrison reopened the investigation and found evidence of an extensive conspiracy following president Kennedy’s death. As soon as you come to the United States you will notice that DC is full of history ready to be told.

7. Captain America: the Winter Soldier, 2014

famous movies that were filmed in WashingtonSuperheroes have also fought major battles in the American capital,battles where the world has been prevented from being destroyed. Fortunately, it has always been possible to keep these iconic places to visit in Washington standing, such as the White House and the Capitol. Locations that you may see on your next one day tour to Washington.

8. Independence Day, 1996

movies filmed in Washington D.C.It is a science fiction film, released in 1996, that tells the story of an alien invasion over the Earth just 2 days before the American independence day. This film was the winner of an Oscar in the category of best visual effects, as well as a Saturn Award for the best science fiction film of 1996. This wonderful film shows us one of the tourist places of Washington that you definitely cannot miss, The Pentagon.

9. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, 2009

movies filmed WashingtonIt is a comedy that shows a huge adventure experienced by a former guard of the American Museum of Natural History, in Manhattan. The characters in this film, with the exception of Larry Daley (Ben Stiller), the guard, are part of the museum’s exhibition who come to life every night.

Due to changes in the Natural History Museum, part of the exhibition will be transferred to the Smithsonian – a renowned institute, museum and research center based in Washington DC – that will host all of these objects but it will also be influenced by the magic that the new visitors carry from New York.

In Night in Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian we could see how great pieces of art and some other magnificent exponents of history come to life, such as Amelia Earhart, Napoleon Bonaparte, Al Capone, Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln himself, this immense representation of the former president that is located in the renowned Lincoln Memorial.



We are sure that there are hundreds of films that have taken this beautiful city as their stage. However, today we have taken the time to show you this extraordinary selection so that you can get to know the capital of the United States from the perspective of the seventh art, where, regardless of the film genre you choose, you will be able to appreciate everything the city has to offer.

Dare to discover these unforgettable places to visit in a One Day Tour to Washington from New York that will make you feel part of the film industry.


CTA Washington


curiosities about Niagara Falls

12 Interesting facts about Niagara Falls

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Year after year there are many travelers that want to meet an awesome new destination, but it may be one that leaves them amazed. Well, if you are one of those passionate travelers, right at the border between Canada and the United States, there is an inexhaustible source of water that achieves this amazing purpose, the Niagara Falls.

For you to get to this place, it is possible to travel even from Canada or the United States, but make sure that you plan a good tour so that you have all your permits up to date, specially in case that you want to cross the border.

From the United States it is very common to make a one day trip to Niagara Falls from New York, by car, this way you can reach this majestic place without thinking about accommodation or additional transportation since when you purchase the excursion you have a complete round trip transportation package to the Big Apple.

We are convinced that you won’t regret making Niagara Falls one of the next destinations to visit.

Every year, the Niagara Falls are visited by millions of people, from around the world, so, today, we want to help you awaken the curiosity of visiting this tourist destination, one that you must see at least once in your life. But before, here is a list of some amazing facts that you may know about

1. Origin of Niagara Falls

More than 12,000 years ago, the Niagara Falls were created as a result of the emission of a gigantic Canadian glacier that, in its journey through the eastern area, formed new glaciers over the Niagara River and the Great Lakes of North America. This natural effect increased the water flow eroding the adjacent rocks, naturally creating a 54 meters high and about 1,000 meters wide waterfall.

2. The Niagara Falls have a world record for the highest volume of water fall

Facts & Information About Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are not the widest or highest waterfall in the world, however, because they are a “funnel” of 3 different waterfalls, they have won the largest volume of waterfall world record. We are talking about 110,000 m3 per minute, it is practically 3,000 tons of water per second.

3. Where does the Niagara Falls name come from?

The term “Niagara” comes from the terminology used by the Iroquois Indians, a native community of the region. This population lived near Lake Erie and believed that the falls, due to their immensity, were the home of Hinu (God of Thunder), therefore they called the place as “Niagara” or thunder of water .

4. It has been a stage for movies and TV series

Interesting facts about Niagara Falls

Since the Waterfalls or hydroelectric plants are an excellent stage for the Hollywood plot, many film and television producers have chosen the Niagara´s surroundings to record films such as Superman II, Pirates of the Caribbean, Bride of Chucky, Niagara and episodes of the Ninja Turtles series. It is, definitely, a fortune to appreciate the magic of nature.

5. It is a source of natural resources

For the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls are a fundamental part of the energy and drinking water production. Each year it generates more than 4,000,000 kilowatts of electricity, for both countries, and a little more than 20% of the drinking water consumed by the closest to the falls USA cities.

6. The falls ran out of water

Spectacular Facts about the Niagara Falls

On March 29th, 1848, around midnight, Niagara Falls were left without water for almost 40 hours in a row, just because during the night there were strong wind waves that made ice blocks to move towards the outcrops of Eire Lake. It caused the Niagara River channels to be blocked and the water did not flow towards the falls drying the great waterfall up.

7. Magic and acrobatics on the waters

In 1990 the magician David Copperfield performed one of his shows at the falls, it was called “The Challenge of Niagara Falls” and it consisted of falling from the top tied and locked into a sarcophagus, a few seconds after the fall he appeared in a helicopter flying over the area. How did he do it? A magician never reveals his secrets.

8. Jumps into the void

There are those who have jumped into Niagara´s void for fun and others who have done it to end their life. The most famous free falls have been the ones of Sam Patch (1829) and Annie Edson Taylor (1901), who wanted to experience an adrenaline sensation by jumping from the top. Sam jumped from a trampoline located in the Canadian area and survived the impact, for years many others wanted to follow him without the same fortune until Annie Edson threw herself locked in a barrel surviving the fall. This has been quite a show because the chances of surviving are very low.

The fortune of many others hasn’t been the best after falling through the falls. Either by accident or intentionally, each year there is an average of 25 people who died during the fall.

9. Niagara Falls has a state endorsement

The American side of Niagara Falls is protected by an environmental protection entity in charge of creating the Niagara Falls State Park, since 1885, becoming the first park of its kind in the USA. The architectural paths and spaces were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, a famous american architect and landscaper commissioned to design New York’s City Central Park.

10. How many people visit Niagara Falls?

It is estimated that there are more than 30 million people who come each year to see this natural spectacle. There is no season in which the place is completely empty, because each weather season gives them a captivating touch. Those visits benefit the commerce of the surrounding regions, especially cities like Ontario in Canada and New York in the United States, in fact there are plans dedicated specifically to visit the falls such as the popular Niagara Falls one day tour from NYC.

11. Ecological wealth

Once again we announce that this is a natural paradise, home of hundreds of flora and fauna species, many of them in danger of extinction. Some of the animal species found there are the Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) and the American Bald Eagle. In addition, there are some fish species that use free falls as a slide, but of the hundreds of fishes that fall per day it is believed that only 90% manage to survive, because the foam that forms in the water acts as a mattress. There have been cases in which tourists are hit by fish that fall into the void, those that fail to survive are hunted by birds that inhabit the area.

As for the flora, 14 endemic species of plants of the 600 existing species in the area are in danger of extinction.

12. The falls will cease to exist

For several years it has been said that the falls are “alive” because an 11 kilometers movement has been witnessed during its 12,000 years of existence. As a result of the water erosion and the movement of the rocks, the base of the cliff has been affected, making the movement permanent, also affecting the volume of water, the height of the falls and the rocky material. It cannot be specified how many more years we will be able to enjoy this spectacle but it is estimated that they will disappear in the next 30,000 years.

The continuous transformation of the place and how striking it is in each season of the year carries that thousands of people come to see this show with their own eyes. After seeing the Niagara Falls you can leave soaked, burned by the sun, frozen with cold, but it will not cease to be absolutely beautiful and impressive.

If you dare to take the Niagara Falls day trip from New York, or if you arrive directly from the Canadian side, we are sure that this visit will be part of one of the best trips of your life.

Don’t think about it anymore, get your suitcase ready and let’s go!


CTA Niagara